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"Are you 18 or older? Do you like to party? How about for free? Yes, free! Gen X is looking for some fun, outgoing and friendly women to help support the team. If interested in becoming a Gen X girl email".  

Generation X is looking for new Gen X girls!!!! This is a big thing for some very lucky young ladies. Gen X girls are usually a group of attractive girls that are all dressed the same and wear the Gen X tee to ALL Generation X events. They take photos, work the crowd, hand out fliers, take tickets, you name it, they're capable of doing it once need be and ONLY for Gen X. 

As time passes, people grow old, get tired of parties, move away and lets face it, have children. So every couple of years we see postings like these. If you are young, have reliable transport and live in South Florida, I think you should give this email a whirl. What do you have to lose? I'd suggest sending a face and body shot as well. Good luck! *when you become a GenX girl come pick me up for Bacchanal Wednesday!!! LOL 



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