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Just wondering........

Now that Hibiscus night club had their shooting last Friday night, will Euphoria Mas continue to set up camp there?  Hibiscus is not only the place to get some great wontons but has unfortunately branded themselves as the  place not to go when coming to fetes. Way back when I moved to Florida, Hibiscus was a nice place to lounge in the afternoon/early evening, go home, take a fresh and enjoy the parties at night. The lineup used to be sick!!!  Now, its just a place to order your food, have a drink while waiting and clear it before the fights start and like last Friday, the gunshots 'pop off'.

Euphoria Mas took a chance on the nightclub and setup their mas camp in the area used for parties and more positive people were being seen not only ordering and leaving but sitting down and enjoying themselves over food and drinks.  Parties started to pickup and I saw the turnaround. I won't speak on the whos or the whys because that's not important because no one was hurt.  What matters most to me is, how the mas will be affected.  What will Euphoria Mas now do? Will they stand firm and stay at Hibiscus or will they too leave Hibiscus?



  1. This had nothing to do with Euphoria Mas. Seems that it was some people who didn't even know their was a mas camp or even know anything about carnival. LOL I hope people understand that. However it is a bad choice for a mas camp. Refugee Camp YES Mas camp NO. LOL!!!



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