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I never sent an email requesting any information to Afro Chic because I've found someone local (as in New York/the United States) to start doing my boots. Judging by the wording on the above notice found on The Facebook Page, the services haven't stopped completely but seems like they're going to be more selective with who they'd be doing work with/for for the year 2013 OR just has enough regulars that they won't be attending to any newcomers. Either way, sounds like you now have to get decorative boots, bras, etc done elsewhere if you haven't been with the design team for 3 or more years.

The local that I am using now is Nicole from Creative Creations Unltd. Nicole seems eager to get her 2013 carnival orders out of the way by December *subject to but not limited to December. I am only now putting my thoughts to 'paper' because I can only now calm down seeing that Miami Carnival is over.  I contacted Nicole since last year but I already had my boots in route to Afro Chic so I made up my mind since then, that no matter WHAT happened, I'd be using her for 2013.

When I was going to New York for Labor Day weekend, I knew I'd be busy so I contacted her before leaving Florida just to let her know how hectic of a weekend I'd be having but it was the only opportunity I'd be having so it HAD to get done. Once I touched down in JFK *a little after 12am (literally Saturday morning), oddly enough, SHE contacted ME and even asked me how my flight was. I wasn't used to that. I wasn't used to the common courtesy. She understood that I was a customer and having her number/contact information made it easier for us BOTH to organize a dropoff/pickup time and location. Kiddies carnival on Saturday and prior engagements on Sunday made it almost impossible to meet. Then Monday was Labor Day. This began to make me a little nervous.  Needless to say, nervous or not, I hit the parkway and played all 10 minutes in my mas, *just kidding.

At the end of the day, Labor Day night, Nicole left where she was *which happened to be two blocks away and came to the house to collect the boots because I was too tired. If the table was turned, I think I might have just left it alone. Nicole not only came to collect the boots but discussed with me what her vision was for my boots. I LOVED THAT!!!!  She showed me that at that hour she was STILL taking the time out to speak with me and actually cared about me as a costumer. She wasn't just talking about great customer service but demonstrating it OVER AND BEYOND! That made me feel all the better about my decision to make the switch.  I am so excited and can't wait to see my boots after they're mailed to me.
Creative Creations Unltd
Boot decoration
Wire bras
Corset decoration
and more!
Last day to order: 12/22/2012



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