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I decided from weeks ahead that I would NOT be going to the Broward Regional Park early Jouvert morning because I have school on Saturdays and figured that taking my test that morning would be the priority.  Don't get it twisted though, I asked my professor to skip the review and take the test as soon as I came in because I had a 'prior engagement'. After taking my test *which I aced by the way, I ran down to the park. I got easy parking and walked into the park at or about 10:30am. While walking in I remembered thinking how surprised I was that there was no entrance fee for the park or for parking. If you can remember, just the week prior, the same committee charged EVERY SINGLE PERSON to gain entrance to the park for kiddies carnival and the parking wasn't free, you were charged PER PERSON inside the car.  I wonder what changed....same committee, same park *shrugs shoulders.

At 10:30am while I was walking in, there were people doused in paint and others in mud WALKING OUT!!!!! I began feeling discouraged, like maybe this was the one time Caribbean people said they'd start at a particular time and did and this entire Jouvert thing was now over. WRONG!!! I desperately looked for my band. Just when I was about to give up looking, I found them, colored in blue and pink paint. Then there was the mud. While thanking the Lord I never found the oil, I arranged my drink almost immediately. I had to make up for lost time lol.  Unfortunately I got there too late for the breakfast, which happened to be fried bake and buljol but hey, I can't eat AND take a test right?

I knew from only the night before that there was a hiccup with our drinks cups and knew to come with my own. To those who didn't know to bring their own, they got disposable plastic cups to drink in.... Things happen that are out of people's control and that was one of them. The band not having the cups didn't seem to be too much of a concern for anyone though because what was supposed to be FILLING the cups, NEVER ran out . The drinks were generously given and everyone seemed to be having a GREAT time!!!
Jouvert is dear to me. It kicks off my carnival (and you ALL know how I feel about carnival). For years I've wondered why we here in South Florida never had a real 'traditional' one because it's not like we didn't have the space or support of the Caribbean people. First thought of Jouvert in Miami Broward I thought it would be a first and last. I thought we would mashup the Regional Park. I expected for committee members of both the Regional Park and Miami Broward Carnival Committee to see the disaster they've gotten themselves into but no, not even I could find a valid reason why to not have it again next year. There was once again, no casualties that I can recall, no fussing, no fighting and a bunch of people that had an amazing time. Although we literally painted the park an assortment of colors, we were orderly.  The messes weren't excessive and surprisingly there was minimal paint on the floor. This wasn't of just our band but an observation made while walking throughout ALL the bands.  Jouvert was bess and HAS to be a keeper!!!!!



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