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Illustrated Eyes aka Ill Eyes
 What is this?  Glitter Dust +Glitter Rain = Illustrated Eyes. By using the Glitter Rain adhesive to apply the Glitter Dust, sparkling eyes will last from dusk to dawn. The colorless gel formula is designed to hold loose glitter in place until you take it off.
 (colors available)
(how it actually comes)
1. Apply your favorite matte primer to eyelid or desired area. 
2. Apply Glitter Rain to eyelid using a q-tip. 
3. Wait a few seconds for the Glitter Rain to become tacky. 
4. Dip a different moist q-tip in water. 
5. Dip the moist q-tip in the Glitter Dust. 
6. Blot q-tip with Glitter Dust on eyelid over Glitter Rain. DO NOT SMEAR. BLOT ONLY. 
7. Clean excess Glitter Dust off face using a moist wipe.
(end result)
A little background.  Inspired by their radiant West Indian heritage and passion for fashion, sports, education, love, family, building a sense of community, and all things flashy, the cousins who founded Illustrated Eyes birthed it in celebration of both their sparkling and resilient personalities and luminous culture. Whether you’re feeling sexy or sophisticated, Illustrated Eyes can be used to enhance any occasion by providing a look using 80 available colors that will not go unnoticed! One keystone of West Indian culture is Carnival, which is symbolized with the expression of hope and joy and the display of sparkling costumes to complement vibrant and flashy entertainment. Although they are proud Guyanese, cousins Shelisa and Yasmin represent for the other West Indian countries of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua, Barbados, Haiti and Grenada, to name a few, although they have love for people worldwide!

Shelisa, a socialite, techie, sports and fashion lover, actively plays mas during carnival, and partying with friends in South Florida when she is not busy helping to encourage and uplift others. The mother of two princesses, Shelisa is able to bridge the gap for her affinity for dazzling eyes by recognizing that Illustrated Eyes can help both a young lady or a mature woman further illustrate and enhance their beauty and personality.

Yasmin, a sports lover, scientist, Gator, and law professional, dreams of love, peace, and a sense of community. Convinced that we are all made beautifully and wonderfully by God, she believes that it is important for one to feel confident and special because they are unique. Yasmin sees Illustrated Eyes as a way for an individual to illustrate their one of a kind personality since the eye is the window into one’s soul.



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