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It's a wonder that I even made it out the bed to write this blog entry this morning. For some reason, it is more tiring (for me) after kiddies carnival than it is for me with the 'big people' carnival.  I guess it's because not only are you attending to yourself but to your young ones and the young ones of people you know and don't know. For kiddies carnival, all the children are yours and watching all those kids, can be tiring.  With that being said, here we go...

I WENT TO CHURCH!!!! *sticks tongue out. I got the word that the park was still empty at 12:30pm so I was good with that.  We had time to get home from church, without hustling to eat, change clothes, eat, relax a little an eat some more lol. In all honesty, we took our time because we live about 5 minutes away from the Broward Regional Park and sitting in the sun watching the tumbleweeds is not my cup of tea. We got there around 2, 2:30ish. Parking wasn't bad, especially since this is South Florida and you can basically park anywhere that you see grass within the park. Entry to the park was $1.50 PER PERSON then to get into the actual event was $5.00 a person, excluding the masqueraders. The 'show' began a little after I arranged my grandmothers seating. I would say somewhere around 3.
As usual the individuals crossed the 'stage' first and this year, that took forever and a day! Not only because the committee/judges were going slow (because that's what it usually is) but because that's just how many individuals it had. I'm LOVING the fact that no matter WHERE you're from, everyone can get together to celebrate the 'kiddies' carnival.
I was very impressed with the childrens costumes as they were NOT mini replicas of what the adults have on the road.  They were all designed with children in mind. *Thanking God that the true essence of kiddies mas hasn't been lost. *In South Florida anyway.

I just went through the crowd snapping pictures of random children (some adults) so I couldn't really tell you which children belonged to what band. I had both my younger boys with me, the hubby, the mommy AND then grandmommy *that refuses to be left out.
It was a busy day, the sun was hot and I must give kudos to the parents, children and ALL involved as this event went by very smooth. No conflict, no strife, no fights and no casualties. GREAT JOB!!! Let's just hope the Jouvert and the big people carnival goes by just as smooth. EVEN SANTANA had behavior! *well sort of, the man bend me over like Janice wouldn't eventually find out what he was carryin on with inside of Wassi Babes band. Shout out to Trini Mafia for helping Santana get through with his greencard. Lord knows he wanted to make it out of Trinidad an wine up in the Miami Carnival next week LOL



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