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I have two options for my carnival makeup now. I only considered Carnival Faces previously but seeing as this is now the recession proof carnival for not only me but others as well, many people won't be using professional makeup artists and seeking ulterior (cheaper) routes.  

For Miami Carnival I was introduced to a woman that goes by the name of Shelly. She has an AMAZING makeup line that differs from all other. Shelly and her cousin are the creators of Illustrated Eyes.
I was given a sample of the product to use along with my carnival costume with Island Gems (a section in Wassi Ones). I admittedly never used or heard of the line prior to then. I came home Carnival morning to discover my daughter and friends  already dressed with their faces made. They had NO idea that I was given a special adhesive to use as a base for the sparkling eyeshadow.  Shelly instructed me to apply foundation and primer just as I would apply my normally then use the base anywhere I wanted to apply the makeup. After applying the sticky base, it had to dry a bit (which was a matter of seconds). This was the ONLY difference/ added step there was to make in my normal makeup application.  After applying the eyeshadow, I could see the difference between the makeup of my daughter, her friends and mine.  Theirs looked sort of dull, dead on for a regular night out on the town but not for carnival!!! While applying their eyeshadow, the glitter would fall off. Most of the makeup was in the sink and not their faces. They tried fixing that problem by putting Vaseline and that didn't work either. It clumped the glittery eyeshadow and wasted it in the Vaseline and on the Q-tips. They each one by one removed their eyeshadow (which was done with just a wipe of the hand) to get some of the base given to me.  Once they used the sticky base, their makeup stuck and only came off with eye makeup remover or with a baby wipe.  
(assortment of colors)
I'm not a makeup person but I use it when I'm ready.  After having multiple drinks on the road, I tend to forget that I even have it on.  After pouring water all over my face, sweat from dancing in the hot sun, drop on the ground an roll repeatedly I came home to STILL have makeup on.  I was impressed.  I decided that this is what I would be using in Trinidad because it wasn't the least bit expensive and I STILL have more than enough base for myself and daughters to use.  I only need to order colors that would match my costume and she will *DELIVER!!!!

Word to the wise.  Organize with Carnival Faces if you're not comfortable doing your own makeup/
link Illustrated Eyes if you are.  You can do so by either clicking one or both of the Facebook links above or sending me an email for direct phone numbers. You can email me at

Quick thought. If money's not an option. . . .How about doing your own makeup on Monday/for fetes and have it professionally done on Tuesday?

*depending on where you reside



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