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Not every band gives Monday wear/gear and there are some that do.  My band gives Monday wear but by the time they let the cat out the bag its usually late December/early January and by then who wants to be getting things to accessorize with their Monday wear? By that time I ONLY concentrate on Christmas and the new year. We won't discuss how for 2012 carnival I didn't learn of what my Monday wear was until it REACHED the mas camp and was in bags. There was no way to prepare for that.
What I have been doing for the past couple years is simply walking with backup. I either use it with a pair of hot/boy shorts from the band (for an additional price) or incorporate it with the Monday wear given. We *the crew and I usually split a 5 pack of Fruit of the Loom A line vests and have them airbrushed with the name of the band, the section, the colors being played and aliases like me, I put "DCARNIVALBABY".  People have a tendency of purchasing expensive *yet wonderfully decorated bras, danceskins, boostiers, etc for Monday but that doesn't work for me seeing as my band does give Monday wear.  Should they give something I'd rather wear than my backup, it is no loss.  $20 the most.  I have my carnival memorabilia, I get to wear it around the house or to run errands in the hood. This year I was in love with my Monday wear option so I didn't bother using my backup at all and as I said, the money was small so it didn't hurt my heart to put it to the side, most importantly, it didn't hurt my pocket.

The yellow cloth given to masqueraders in Island People Mas in 2010. We had no idea what to do with the cloth so we made skirt like apparel for our waists and wore our tees. No biggie.  I suggest knowing what you intend on spending on your Monday wear from NOW and just put that money aside as if it were part of your costume money. My advice is don't over spend.

This year has me confused though, I don't know how this years tee can be done. My costume has A LOT going on lol



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