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There is a petition circulating that is trying to get the Miami/Broward Carnival One Carnival Host Committee to change the carnival parade route from inside the grounds of the Stadium and back to the streets of Miami.
Let's talk.  Some of the people of Miami want the route back on the street so that they can take advantage of the FREE party on the road.  They want to see and be a part of one of the most elaborate parades in South Florida without paying a dime.  For 2012, Machel Montano performed after the the last band crossed the stage and he doesn't come cheap!  We won't discuss who fit THAT bill and who happened to benefit from it for FREE *but we will in a totally separate blog entry.

  • The committee charges vendors within the stadium base prices to sell what ever they see fit. If everyone spent all their time outside of the stadium, they'd make no money. So who will rent a spot again the following year?  Vendors make their money from the people whether inside or out the stadium whether spectator or masquerader. If their contained in one area, it makes it more convenient for all consumers.
  • If everyone is jumping up til their heart's content FOR FREE outside, why would they pay to go inside? After the last band enters the stadium, they'd go home.  Has the total essence of the carnival been achieved by the jump up alone?
  • It costs a lot more money for the masqueraders to be secured once they're outside of the stadium.  The city of Miami Gardens does not supply free security.  Keeping the parade inside the stadium is more secure and makes more money for a better parade.
  • Once you pay to go into the stadium, you're not only paying to spectate, you're paying for the concert at the end.
  • The masqueraders have this package included in their band fee and once they get to the stadium before the cutoff time, they get to park inside the stadium for free. Play mas!
  • Some of the same people requesting that the parade go back on the streets are the same ones that will be complaining that nonmasqueraders are storming their band.  There is more control inside.
  • The parade of bands is a COMPETITION! Winners need to be paid.  If there is no money made there will be none available to pay the winners.  Many masqueraders don't care about winning and just want to have a good time but the people who have to pay winners have to think about it.

Those expecting to see the performances, wine on all the women in the band and partake in the parade for free need to stay home.  I'm not saying that the petition is a complete waste of time, because I too love the mas in the steets. What I AM saying is there is more to this entire carnival parade than just having a good time and wanting to walk on the streets opposed to walking within the stadium grounds.  The money to be made is not just of the committee *who in turn only uses it for a bigger and better carnival for the following year but it gets your regular Joe Smoe an opportunity to "eat a food" too.  People are not understanding that this isn't Trinidad and Tobago where carnival is a NATIONAL custom and is in no way a part of the customs of America.  We are Caribbean people asking to do what we do in our land, in theirs.  Compromises HAVE to be made.

I believe that it is too early to ask for changes. 2012 was the first time the committee tried the enclosed route *since Opalocka airport and it had some good and some bad as does everything.  Give it another chance.  Let's see how 2013 goes and take it from there.  Change doesn't happen in one shot but over a period of time.  The link to sign your name to the petition is HERE fee free to sign.  When you do, just make sure you know and understand all of the actions and reactions made by the changes you're requesting.



  1. I just have one question . . . Why is it that Miami is the ONLY state in the US that charges for carnival again? Would all these issues not be the same in any state?

  2. That you'd have to ask the Miami/Broward One Carnival Host committee. I think it's because they rent places to have their carnival. It's not on the streets. Although it started in the street and stayed there for a very long time for years like 2009/2010. The bands still ended up in a park of some sorts and those places need to be paid for. Call them lol

  3. Carnival belong on the streets for all people, especially economically challenged families. The last of couple years made it seem like it is for the well to do who can afford $25.00 for tickets, $20.00 for parking and $9.00 for a beer. What are all the Miami carnival visiting tourist tax dollars are for. Yes, EMS, Sanitation and Police can be paid from that!!!! Mas is for the masses (all).

  4. Only Florida/Miami could totally screw up the meaning of carnival. I wonder what else this state have screwed up the last few years?

  5. I understand how you feel, I do. Have you considered the costs to have the added police security and the complaints made by the individual cities? The CITIES are openly *and loudly complaining about the noise being made, the amounts of trash being left on their streets and protest AGAINST the carnival. Unlike other places the communities where the carnivals are being held are not predominantly Caribbean and do not partake in our festivities. The committee has an annual fight to bring this carnival to you and their efforts are not appreciated. Please understand this is OUR culture, not theirs and things like this has to be done for everyone to be happy. As for the charges to get into the stadium a simple way to avoid that is to play mas. Depending on which band you play mas in, you'd be allowed food and unlimited drinks.



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