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Here we go again...

It's that time of year.  
Although the Miami Broward One Carnival Committee only advertised 4 jouvert bands for 2012 on their website, there was more and for 2013, there will be even more for sure.  There has been an overwhelming positive response to the jouvert in The Broward Regional Park last year and everyone is ready for 2013. There will be many new jouvert bands.  

As for bacchanal, for 2012 there were some bands that failed and will not be making a future appearance.  People were so unhappy with their bands they have decided to create their own. It has a band that will be registered as a jouvert band but what will be the outcome when the owner realizes that all of their followers are so fed up and have joined an alliance with another band? That another band is a failure waiting to happen and members have already signed in INK with another band. There is a band that is rumored to have celebrities!! When I say celebrities, I don't mean our local Caribbean artists either, I mean multiple ones from the NBA!  I'm wondering if you can figure out which band it was that had to get permission from the FIRE DEPARTMENT to bring their pumps! When I tell you 2013 Miami Broward Carnival Jouvert will be interesting, it will be VERY interesting. Seems like everyone has a point to prove. 

  • Don't say you haven't been warned.  
  • Make it your business to do your homework.  
  • Ask how registrations are going, keep communication with your band.  
  • Find out *in detail what your registration will includes 
Some things you can not be fortold, there are just some things you can not know until you reach the band but I pray that you are not registered in a band that is trying to scramble "drinks" from other jouvert bands on JOUVERT MORNING!



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