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I am guilty for not having seen the movie because I've been traveling and celebrating with family but hopefully I get around to seeing it this weekend.  The positive reviews have all been the same and has me excited to see the movie.  Everyone who has seen it is raving about how much better the sequel was than the original.  All social networks were filled.  After thinking about it, the last time I could remember a sequel being better than the original was Sister Act 2 but let me get to the real matter hand.

The Best Man Holiday raked in over 30 million dollars at the box office and came in second to Thor (another movie that I wasn't able to see) which brought in a little over 38 million.  That however is not what bugs me.  It bugs me that USA TODAY announced on Twitter that "Holiday Nearly Beat Thor as Race-Themed Films Soar".  In an article read, it states that other movies that are predominantly black have done well this year as well.  I do not know which topic to jump on first.  Them saying the movie was race-themed or that a movie that has a predominantly black cast has 'done well' as if surprised!!  The Best Man Holiday WAS NOT race-themed!!! Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that ALL RACES have childhood friends, go to college, make new friends in college, stay in contact with them after college, get married, have careers, etc.  Was the fact that the cast being predominately black in race, make the movie race-themed?  After the headline was obviously declined by the majority, it was changed to "Holiday Nearly Beat Thor As Ethnically Diverse Films Soar".  Hello....... this was just as bad.  What they're trying to say is OMG a movie with only black people can actually make money?! OMG we didn't expect for a "black movie" to do so well at the box office! Better yet, they probably meant to say, OMG they had more than one for the year!!!  After all, there was The Butler.  Are those the ONLY roles black people are supposed to play? Yes suh, no suh?The entire article was offensive so I chose NOT to share it and for those of you who actually want to know, the final headline (which should have been the first) now reads: "Best Man Holiday Nearly Beats Mighty Thor". I won't touch the black films doing well this year topic but I will comment on the statement made by Taye Diggs.

The other issue surrounding the movie was a comment made by Taye Diggs.  In 2011 Taye Diggs mentioned on a talk show that he always knew that he would marry a "white girl" (as he put it) because the only black woman he has EVER loved was his mother.  If any one kept up with this actor  they would have known that this is not new and he's always claimed to have loved white women.   When asked by TMZ how it felt to be on the big screen again, Taye Diggs' response was “Let’s just say its not a stereotype that black women are less submissive and harder to deal with. Being around all them black women made me really miss my wife”.  Now I could go in on the statement made or leave it alone.  I choose to leave it alone.  I will not take the negative road and will accept that he is calling black women strong and admitting that HE is in fact weak.  Not for a second I will deny that black women are a handful but it will only take a strong man, whether he is black, white, red, green or any other color of the spectrum.  He will have to be a strong MAN. PERIOD!

If two individuals enter in an interracial relationship who just happen to 'slip' and fall in love, SO WHAT?! There is nothing wrong with that. Love is a BEAUTIFUL thing.but to completely disregard an entire race of people based on your own insecurity is asinine and I wish him luck with that.



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