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Trinidad James told the truth and said what needed to be said to New York. They needed a reality check BUT, it was the right message from the wrong person and at the wrong time.  The stage of The Converse Rubber Tracks was NOT the place to bring these issues up.  A sit down with Wendy Williams or The Vibe would have been a better choice because this----- this came out all wrong and very offensive. Yes, we get it. New Yorkers do not support one another but there is a politically correct way to say everything and this was not it.

Whether you like him, love him or hate him you do have an opinion of him and he certainly has an opinion of the rap game of New York right now. Trinidad James has ruffled A LOT of feathers in New York and Def Jam Records will probably have a tough time 'selling him' in New York after this.  DJ Envy has already decided to stop playing his records and doesn't see how any other "real" DJ could after the comments were made.

Trinidad James tried explaining that his comments were not meant to be disrespectful but truthful via Twitter but do you think this is enough? Was this an apology?



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