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This brand new event is taking over by storm.  I've never been to any of the events but I can tell that I like it! I like different and out the box! This event will be taking place in New York (where all the good stuff happens) but I've gotten word from a VERY reliable source that SAVAGE will be heading to South Florida for the Miami Carnival season!!!  It's like 'GLOW' with funk!! 

The $20 limited advance tickets are already sold out, which means tickets are going quickly.  
Below is a quick message sent from one of the hosts of 

"Good evening guys! 
Everybody is trying to understand what savage is about? Will there be paint? Do I have to be painted? Let's get those questions answered for you:
Savage: Wild, fierce, ferocious, barbaric, Vicious. You see those words? VIBES! Come to wine, come experience something you never did before.
Savage is an opportunity for you the patron to get painted by professional artists, request what you want on your hand, your back, your face, your legs-it's your prerogative. A little touch on your wrist for the less daring even!  Similarly, if you choose not to be painted-- nobody is going to make you be painted. We are asking that you wear white cause, we are using glow paints and glow lighting. Do you see the beauty now? Good. All we are doing is adding ingredients to the pot to assist you with the cooking! (the merciless winery).
Come wild, come ferocious, come Fierce-- cause high energy is the order on that night!
Who is going to be my boldest savage?
I dare Steven Olbino to come bareback with white pants and get full work to his chest! :-)
I dare Leger Danni (Danni Leger) to wear a white bikini and get full body work:-)
I'm waiting to see the Savage in all of you actually.....I KNOW YOU GOT IT!"

You can purchase online by clicking
Or picking up in person from 
*I suggest calling these places in advance.
Tickets are going quickly.



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