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So while I was busy with my Run Or Dye 5K fun run on Friday and Saturday, other things, other more important things, MIAMI CARNIVAL things were being shaken up.  The rumors were FINALLY put to an end when Euphoria Mas updated their Facebook status basically announcing their split from BABE Promotions/Red Antz Miami.  Sources say that the two have decided to part ways due to creative differences.  I could show you better than I can tell you..
This actually came as no shock to anyone in the Miami carnival mas world seeing as there have been rumors of a split for some time now.  What had most taken back was the Generation X collaboration with Red Antz Jouvert!  Red Antz found a new home quick OR this has been in the making...  The Euphoria Mas committee did some changing up to their house too.  My sources are saying the committee has been changed for the better because they are now more in tuned with the college and university students, incorporated international revelers and hometown returning masqueraders.  Basically, more in touch with their crowd.  What hasn't changed is that they've kept their designing duo Richard and Anthony WITH THEM!!!!  
Concerning the jouvert:
The only real problem that I see is that out of this split/collabo comes yet ANOTHER jouvert band in what seems like an already crowded jouvert.  Broward Regional is a big park but how many people do they plan on fitting comfortably into that one park?  For 2013 there were 21 REGISTERED jouvert bands and now we have the 'pleasure' of welcoming 'Dutty Pleasures'.  Nothing personal against the band because like the others, I wish them well but Lord, ANOTHER ONE?

For any questions or concerns contact Cassie 
(Euphoria Mas/Dutty Pleasures) 
at (954) 610-3516!



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