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The Queen of talk, Wendy Williams has a part of her talk show called "Hot Topics" and part of the "Hot Topics" segment was concerning the birth of Evelyn Lozada's son with her fiance Carl Crawford on the 22nd of March. Wendy Williams referred to the Evelyn's newborn son as a cash register and offered her (Evelyn) some advice on opening a new store in LA.  Now, those of us who religiously listened to or presently watch Wendy knows that she puts no water in her mouth to say what/how she feels and she sells it as she buys it. BUT, this time the person she was 'dishing' about was just as much a firecracker as she is and if not, even more. Take a listen:

When Ms Evelyn got wind of what was said about her son, she decided to share a little news of her own on her Facebook page.
Evelyn is from the HOOD!
There are NO WORDS to express how I felt when I saw this.  My mouth literally slid right open.

Didn't she look GREAT pregnant?!



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