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I would like to first THANK D-JUNCTION MAS for allowing me backstage.  It allowed me to get a couple snapshots of their models as they got ready to present costumes.  Being as vertically challenged as I am, securing that 'perfect  position' in front of the stage is usually a task that I fail, so that was very much appreciated.  As I walked into the dressing area I was greeted with what they call "The Savage Beauty".  No warning or anything, just POW!! I put down my phone AND camera as I stood open mouthed.  For a few moments I heard and saw nothing but her savage beauty.  The model was strikingly tall, she wore heals and had the confidence of NO OTHER MODEL that I've seen in South Florida.  Her presence and costume demanded my attention and she got it!
 (The Savage Beauty Frontline)

The Mohawk headpiece was FIRE! The headpiece had feathers that laid on the mid back of this model. Could you imagine where they would lay on a smaller person? It would fit the crown like an Indian Head Dress!  The Savage Beauty has Frontline, Mid-Line and Backline options and has been brought to you by Carnival Divaz.

FRONTLINE *almost sold out
MID-LINE *almost sold out
The next costume I saw was the "Black Widow Spider".  I will be honest and say that I have seen these headpieces before but it works well.  The mesh on the frontline costume and the sides of the panty gives the costume it's own originality and had me at a loss for words. I said MESH PANTY!!!  Click the picture to enlarge it. The mesh on the frontline is the spider web and the collar of the backline reminded me more of a cobweb.  Either way, Black Widow Spider nailed it and stuck to theme.
(Black Widow Spider Frontline)

(Black Widow Spider Backline) 

Up next we have the "Dancing Cobra".  The headpiece mimics the head shape of the cobra and the print looks like actual snake skin.  The gems sown on the costumes are pretty and I like the use of the different shades of green. After wearing a U-line bra on the road for over 12 hours for Trinidad Carnival 2014, I fell in love with it and would place my 'girls' in this Dancing Cobra Frontline comfortably.
 (Dancing Cobra Frontline)

On to our "Love Birds".  The Love Birds seem cute, playful and flirty just as love birds are.  With the love bird's beak, wings and playful assortment of pastel colors, I'd say they killed it once again.
 (Love Bird Frontline)

 (Backline and Frontline)

 (Beaks and all)


What's a collection of animals without a FOX?! Sexy barely there monokini with beautiful beading and massive headpiece.  Where can that go wrong?  The backline option is just as beautiful as the Frontline with the Mohawk headpiece, collar and detailed bra and decorative panty.
 (Fox Frontline)

 (Fox Backline)

Unfortunately I was unable to get more pictures of this section because it was another FIRE section that needed just as many pictures as the rest.  The name of the section is "Wildcat".  Complete with cat ears, this section wowed me.
 (Wildcat Backline)

(Wildcat Frontline)

Of the bands launched and the sneaks I've seen, I can honestly say that Miami carnival mas bands are bringing the heat this year.  D-Junction Mas has nailed it just as they did last year and for this being only their second year, they should be extremely proud of themselves.  They have the beading, printed fabric, accessories, bling and feathers to compete with the best of them and has NOT been left out! Each section gives the masquerader the option to play backline and not feel like a reject.  Most bands focus on the frontline while the backlines look like the knock offs.  There was no backline that I saw that didn't have it's own swag.  Whether it was a collar, bad ass beading or more than your average feathers for a backline, Rawle Permanand gave workable choices for backline masqueraders if frontline was outside of your feather reach or financial box.

D-Junction Mas did not just sell a handful of gorgeous costumes like I've seen many mas bands do, they sold the entire band. The quality of the costumes was superb, they didn't appear to be cheaply made nor did it seem like corners were cut.  Time and thought was put into them and the band has won me over with their presentation.  I LOVE seeing a band have a theme and stick to it! Kudos.  Every costume is prettier than the last and I feel sorry for the masqueraders who have to choose a section to play in.  Worse yet, the people who play with a crew because coming to a unanimous decision will be headache. When asked which of the sections was my favorite, I had no answer because I do love them all.  With the right promotion, I see this band selling out easy.  Wildcat and The Savage Beauty will sell out first with Fox, Dancing Cobra and Black Widow Spider running very close behind.

Stay tuned as registration information will be coming very soon on D-JUNCTION Mas' website.



  1. Thanks so much for your review! Really helped me decide which section to choose. It was so hard though, lolllll

  2. Never a problem Gabrielle, which one did you choose?

  3. I registered for Savage Beauty Midline. Its gorgeous. I'm starting my fitness and diet regimen next Monday. That costume is not a game! LOLLLL.

    I haven't received my paypal invoice yet but if there's no more space in Savage Beauty, I'll go with Dancing Cobra Backline.

    Are you playing Mas with Djunction?
    If so which section?

  4. Ok, lucky you! As of yesterday the Midline has SOLD OUT!!

  5. I know! I am so glad I registered so fast and encouraged some others to do the same. It sold out and another section has sold out as well. A friend told me last night. I have to check and see which one! LOL. SO far your predictions of Savage Beauty going fast has been spot on! :)
    Take care!



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