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Premium Frontline - $400

On June 30th I shared a picture of a Premium Frontline Costume called "Serenity" on Facebook.  This costume caused such a buzz and generated so many questions that the section leader answered all questions in the following write up. 

Savage Mas Productions is an All Inclusive Private Section in Party Room Squad for Miami Carnival 2014. 

2014 will be our sixth year designing costumes and our third year bringing out a section for Miami Carnival. Our main goal is to create beautiful costumes that people will have an amazing time in on  the road on carnival day. Once again, we have teamed up with Party Room Squad Mas to bring you exceptional costumes, customer service, and the Ultimate Carnival Experience!

As the overall theme for 2014 is "Tresor", Savage Mas Productions is Proud to present "Serenity" For Miami Carnival 2014.

Shakton Andrews, a talented 17 year old born and raised in Trinidad but resides in Miami, is the President and Section Leader of Savage Mas Productions. With two successful years of having a section under his belt, his future in this mas making industry is very bright. Within the next couple years he plans to make Savage Mas Productions one of the most sought after bands in Miami!

Serenity has options for anyone and everyone.

Regular Frontline - $340

Midline - $280

Plus Size Option A - $250

Plus Size Option B - $250

Backline - $220 (Both Options Same Price)

Frontline Male - $210

Regular Male - $190

Phone: 786-222-0311



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