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Answer this. Picture it.  About two months ago, what do you get when you mix one bored man building a studio, another man bored in a studio and a female DJ with the giggles?  Okay, I'm not that good at riddles but these three individuals were literally bored out their minds.  Out of that boredom and relaxation they began to reason over some beers and ended up recording an impromptu song and in my opinion, is one of the best laid back-ish, drunk dance-ish, chippin, straw hat, cut off pants wearin chunes I've heard in a long time.  Yeah, it's that type of vibe.

The song is on what Victorious calls the Maracus Bay Riddim and I guarantee it'll take you back to when life was just simple. If this is what could be done on the top of their heads, could you imagine the fire they'd bring if they actually sat down with pen to paper? Big up's to you three Mr. iChunes, DJ Isis and my brother from another mother, Victorious, 



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