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This is a record breaker! The Miami Carnival One rumors have begun but this time it's not about the carnival but the jouvert!

The Miami Broward One Carnival Committee has done an ah-ma-zing job at not only bringing what feels like the closest thing to a Trinidad and Tobago jouvert to the "Miami Carnival" experience but going strong without casualty for the last 3 years at the Broward Regional Park is just as impressive. I have always loved the venue because it is not even a 10 minute drive from my home but I think this is the earliest that I've heard rumors start.  Yes, as early as February the 'niggagram' has already started about the location of the jouvert to being changed from the Broward Regional Park to a location in Doral. Not even an exact venue ok but that it will be held "somewhere in Doral, where the Miami Carnival was last year".

Now, I'm a firm believer of where there is smoke, there is a fire so I've done my own investigation seeing as this rumor affects me directly.  I was assured that the Miami jouvert that has been held at the Broward Regional Park for the last three years, is still the official site/venue of the jouvert for 2015.  In the same breath, it was also said that the option was still on the table but as for now, Lauderhill is the oficial site for jouvert.  Wait, what?  Which one is it? Sounds more to me like Lauderhill is secured but they're still looking for something bigger, better or possibly cheaper.  This late in the game and with the size of crowd expected, things like venue should already be finalized so my confidence is pretty much high for 2015 but I'd look out for 2016. Lauderhill may not be the home for our jouvert for much longer.

If you feel like me and would love to see the jouvert stay where it is in Lauderhill or maybe not, either way you have a voice.  Send letters, make phone calls and send emails to voice what you'd like to see happen.  People tend to underestimate just how much power they have to make changes.



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