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Many people have issue with transportation when coming to Caribana.  There are many who feel the plane ride just isn't worth it.  I agree, that jam before the jam on the bus ride to the carnival, is sometimes the best and I get it.  There're nothing like drinking, wining and jammin on the bus with not a single worry about DWI's or lack of sleep.  You do as you very well please as a paid driver gets you closer to your destination.   CarnivalCrashers has a remedy for you carnival chasers that would love to do just that!

If you live in the Tri State area, this bus ride may be very well worth your money.  There will be two meeting locations.  One from Virginia and the other from New York.  The one leaving from Virginia will be leaving from The Huntington Metro Station on Thursday July 30th at 7:00pm.  Then we have the turn up state New York.  The bus in New York will be leaving from Downtown Brooklyn on the corner of Flatbush and Dekalb on the same day Thursday July 30th at 7:00pm.  *It is probably going to be right in front of the Junior's Restaurant.  Both buses return on Sunday the 2nd of August and the time will be given once payment or contact has been made with CarnivalCrashers.  Prices raise after May 25th.

There packages include the bus ride, hotel stay and select party tickets.  There will be the All White "Rock The Yacht" party on Friday night and The "Soca X Hip Hop" party on Saturday night.  Those who purchase tickets to these events will be transported to and from the hotel and the events.

For those interested in playing mas, you'd need to contact Supreme at 347-941-8864 or  The costumes have a priced from $200-$350USD and payment can only be made through PayPal.  Should you have ANY questions or concerns prior to signing up on CarnivalCrashers' Website you can call 856-366-6035.  

NOTE: My sweet Caribbean people.  Please keep in mind that any ID can get you out of the United States but not any ID can let you back in.  If you do not have a valid passport and/ greencard this is NOT the bus ride for you.  You have to have proof of LEGAL STATUS to be allowed back into the United States.  Canada is another country. 
*Just making it clear as we wouldn't want to see anyone stranded.



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