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Ray Lewis, a former linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens recorded and released a heartfelt plea to the people (especially the children) of Baltimore City. 

It may seem heartless of me to be saying this and I assure you I am far from it but it seems to be almost an adrenaline rush when these injustices happen for some folk.  

Hear me out.  

It seems like the 'thugs' are just waiting like hungry animals for an injustice to happen in their city to give them a reason to start stealing things and burning buildings.  For what exactly?  Is it fun? A little personal gratification?  Those Jordans or television sets could really help the injustices in our country huh?  I personally think the majority of the thieves and arsonists (lets call them what they are) are just a group of ignorant people who jump on the bandwagon of stupidity. 

I've been in the hospital and came out to all the madness.  So, I've listened to as much as I could, tried to decipher it all and somehow figure out what happened on my own......I wasn't successful.  There was nothing about any of these acts of terrorism that have enlightened me as to what happened to prompt the ignorant behavior of some of these Baltimore natives.  I still had to resort to watching CNN and my local news.  Baltimore come on, there were no signs, no pickets, not even the name of the victim being chanted. NOTHING!  All I've seen was ignorance and I'm sorry, should the police go in there with their full armory, they all will get as they deserve.  

There were no people with hope in those streets.
There were no people united for a cause.
There were no people feeling defeated and looking for change.
I saw people desperate for free items in stores.
I saw people looking to get their lives taken.  
And if their lives were to be taken while performing these acts...
They too will blame cops right?
Baltimore, MD. Do Better.



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