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Let's face it, We ALL thought that Soca Thursdays was a thing of the past.  No one went anymore and if you did decide to go, the vibes were dead because no one was there.  It wasn't the fault of the venue or house DJ but it just stopped being  promoted.  There were no more flyers, Facebook posts or attendees to remind anyone that it was still going on.  So as the saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind".

Soca Thursdays was revamped and if you will, 'reborn' just in time for Spring/Easter when many people tend to reinvent themselves.  This revamp has been in the works for a long time but owners of The Ginger Bay Cafe wanted to be careful with who they chose.  After long deliberation *while the people suffered, Victorious Universe was chosen.

With only 4 days of promotion Ginger Bay Cafe was full!  No lie, it was visited the week before and there were three people inside what used to be the only place to get your soca addiction fixed.  Yes, three!  This week however, there were many new faces which is always welcomed by me and eventually the word will get around about the vibes and this will lure the regulars in again.  DJ House Arrest and Victorious played the music as Giselle D' Wassi One hosted. It was a night of pure vibes and I am happy that I went. With work for 8am on mornings, this will not be my 'home' every Thursday night but once I need a quick soca fix on a Thursday night *after Scandal, Ginger Bay once again will be my spot.

With a name like Jason 'Victorious' Victory, he is destined for greatness and Soca Thursdays is not his last stop *hint. "Victorious" has a vision for DJ's in South Florida.  He would like to see DJ's actually getting acknowledged and paid for their time, work and efforts.  "When DJ's feel appreciated, they're happy and when your DJ's are happy so are your patrons.  It's not about the money all the time, it's about making sure that your people are having a ball and keep wanting more. Once you succeed at that, the money will eventually come" - Victorious.  



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