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Everyone dreads a rumor.  Let's face it, rumors are basically untruths that are spread by people who have no knowledge of the facts. That in itself is a headache especially when your reputation is on the line.  Rumors that come out of nowhere and are farthest from the truth can be the most infuriating but the ones intertwined with part of the truth are the hardest to control or get rid of.

Jamborii Mas has already been the target of a very dangerous rumor.  The rumor report is that PUNCH, their first Miami event, the first ever Breakfast Party Band Launch.  The event that they have been promoting for the past couple months has been shut down by the Planning and Zoning Commission and will no longer be taking place. -- THAT'S WRONG, but not completely--


  • There was an original venue located in Hialeah.  
  • The original venue *named Rancho Okeechobee has preexisting and unsolved issues with not only The Planning and Zoning Commission but the local Law Enforcement of Hialeah.  This information was withheld from JAMBORII Mas and thankfully, the business owner practices good business/customer service and returned money with no issue.
  • To continue planning PUNCH at this venue would have been like buying their trouble wholesale, so an executive decision was made to move PUNCH to ToeJam Backlot in Wynwood.
  • Current online ticket holders will not be turned away.  
  • There will be no replacement tickets given.  JAMBORII Mas Committee members are fully aware of what the old and new addresses are and what the old and new tickets look like.  Both the old and new tickets will be accepted at the door.  
  • To compensate for the inconvenience of the patrons more DJ's have been added for listening pleasure.  There will be Titan VCD & Ding Dong, DJ Stryker and DJ Quinn (from Trinidad's Red96.7), DJ Sweeba,  DJ Code Red, DJ Ghost, DJ So Prince Larry (from NYC) and one of my personal favorites DJ Victorious!
  • There will be tasty food on sale.  
There are no hard feelings between the either parties as both sides have been courteous and professional.  As the old saying goes, every disappointment is for a good.  This venue change was just that, a venue change.  The zoning and law enforcement issues are issues of Hialeah and that is NOT where PUNCH will be held.  So don't be afraid, the party is very much on and the JAMBORII Mas is more than ready to show you their portrayals for Miami Carnival and Jouvert all at the same launch!  Keep in mind, JAMBORII Mas is STILL holding the crown as being the first ever breakfast cooler fete and band launch in one.




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