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We all know the confusion that caused FOX to drop the hit show Empire but we have now learned that as recent as Monday, FOX has publicly announced that the show WILL be back on their network.  Empire will be returning on Wednesday nights at 9pm and has contracted 18 episodes because viewers couldn't get enough of the 12 episodes last season.  The episodes will split between both the fall and spring season and it's a definite go for the 2015-2016 season launch.  Who will also be on FOX next season is American Idol however next season will be the last.  I will miss the audition process because it's hilarious and in my opinion the most entertaining part of the show but I think it's run it course and actually happy to see American Idol go.  It should have been gone a couple years ago actually.

Back to Empire, for the debut season Timberland wrote all the music but due to his expanding schedule, NeYo has been signed on to assist with the musical content.  Season two already has a buzz and I for one can't wait to tune in.  It's still pretty early so there is no news on the date yet but seeing that it will be in both the fall and spring, I expect it to be late fall.

If you are one of the very few people on this planet who haven't seen the 1st season of Empire, then you need to catch up before the fall season premier. Unfortunately for Netflix subscribers Empire has an exclusive deal with Hulu that locked Netflix out but hey, you can always watch it the night it airs on FOX, tape it and good old On Demand.  On Demand is where I got caught up *and hooked and there was no fast forward option (which sucked) so if you can not watch it live, I'd advise you to record it.  This way, you can fast forward through all the commercials.  



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