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As those of you know, I was stretched a little thin last weekend seeing as I have family visiting.  What I would normally do at a band launch I've trusted someone else to do and I don't think it turned out too bad.  The only disappointing thing is that I wasn't able to see these costumes for myself but I think they did a great job of getting some close ups for you.  I will give you a combination of my opinions of the pictures shown and from what they've described to me. 
If I were at the launch, I would have asked if the accessories modeled with the section were included because I thought they not only matched perfectly but can be recycled.  I could wear the necklace with some jeans and a pair of heels easy....  What I believe to be the backline, I am loving the beading!  I also like the cut of the monokini.  It has a choker-like finish which serves as decoration for the neck and has the 'sexy' covered with that huge cut-out. For reason's I've mentioned before, I would prefer the two pieced option of this section.  Not taking anything away from the beauty of the monokini because it's gorgeous,  it's just that "nannie cutter cut" that I wants no part of.
Beautiful costume.  The iridescent colors on the bra and around the neck make it shine beautifully.  I haven't seen it in person but I know the effects of it.  The silver feathers on the backpack nail it for me as well.  The costume is named Cloud 9 and looks angelic.  The costume looks like what it's named LOVE IT! I love when a costume actually LOOKS like what it named.  Nothing generic here!

I love this to watch but I wouldn't DARE step foot in it.  Your body would have to basically be flawless to pull this off the way this model did and I'm not so brave.  On top of the fact that it has the same 'cut' on the bikini portion of the costume.  
This would be the most suitable option for the more practical (like myself).
I am loving the color combination of this costume.  I don't think there is any costume that can go wrong with the color peach.  Only thing, I think the frontline is extremely busy and has way too much going on. What I believe to be the backline looks to be a lot less busy and hot.  I usually don't like tiaras as I always want my headpieces loaded with feathers but something about it grabbed me and I'm human and allowed to love it.


I am not entirely sure if the name of this section is called Dream Catchers or not, either way it's young and vibrant.  I see the younger crowd that insists on playing mas gravitating to this section. It's playful and  fun looking.  I like.

*A private section, designed by Designing Daryl from RAMAJAY Mas.
Ok, this section leader piece SLAAAAYED!!!!  Leg pieces, headpiece, backpack, you name it; it was LAID TO THE GODS!!! For Miami carnival this costume is the one to beat!  
Regardless of which section you choose, you will be causing some serious costume envy.  The frontline for some reason doesn't do it for me like the backline does but that can be sorted out with a paid upgrade of the headpiece.  There are options for everyone.  We have the full bodypiece (not a monokini) as well as the two piece.   Once again, I wished I were there to ask about all accessories.


All in all, you're safe in the hands of D-Junction.  Did I like what I saw? Yes.  Were the people who took these pictures for me impressed with what they saw? Yes.   We all believe that D-Junction Mas did their thing.  The costumes are all beautiful and I could see myself in any one of them.  My favorite, by far is the Private Section Sinful Vanity.   It is just about flawless.  If I were to close my eyes and point to any variation of this costume and HAD to play mas in that one I chose, I'd be satisfied either way.  

Registration is  open now and you can register on D-Junction's Website.  The website has been updated with most of the costumes, not all.  Take a look!



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