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The weekend was crazy but everything that we set out to accomplish, got done.  One by one I will let you in on what I call an action packed weekend.  When we got to the Mudd Maddness it was a full house, both inside and out.  The DJ's that played for this party/launch need a round of applause because at no time was the crowd bored or unsatisfied.  You know, that bored stance when people stand around with their hands on their hips. Let me just put it out there, Survivor, you's a boss! DJ Renney, it was a pleasure and I thank you.
(Mudd Maddness team)
Patrons were a bit confused as to what should be worn for the launch.   Then there were those who read this blog diligently and knew exactly what to expect.  Some were dressed for mud and others dressed to fete.  It pleased my heart to see and feel the attitude of the the ones who weren't "prepared" for what Damdong had in store.  When the mud started to pelt, the vibes were so nice they just didn't care! Now we have the ones that stayed in their well dressed lane but people didn't care and that HAD to be a great feeling for the Jamdong Management team.  Imagine I, who have no direct affiliation with the organization felt good to see that reception so they must be excited for October.  I know for sure come jouvert morning, I will be running through the Mudd Maddness!
*people just didn't care anymore
I normally don't eat cooked food in fetes but this food was GOOD! Thank you chef Trini as I and the team were running all day and forgot to eat.  There was a choice of corn soup, fried fish *both tilapia and King fish, peas and rice and stew chicken.  I can't speak for everything because I only had the King fish with peas and rice but the fact that the food was sold out before the party was over, says something.

Out of the 4 sections in the band, only 3 were on display.

  • The Main Section - Mudd Maddness *displayed
  • Original ArmyBoyz' Blue Camo *displayed
  • Party Room Squad's Mud Therapy and *displayed
  • Dexter George's Passion
 (Mudd Maddness)
 (Mudd Therapy)

(Original ArmyBoyz)
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