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It's that time of the year again!!!  You may have noticed that the 2015 registration is a little early. The round up is real! With the overwhelming response to #DLIMERS' team in the Susan B Komen Race For The Cure over the past years, they had to start not a little early but A LOT.  This years walk will be held on October 15 at Bayfront Park.  I made the decision to walk for the very first time in 2011 and I've been walking ever since.  For those of you who have never done the walk with D'Limers, I will give you a little insight.

When you register, you receive an official teeshirt from Komen.   You are given a choice of having it delivered to your home (at an additional fee) or you can pick them up at a disclosed location closer to your home at or about a week before the walk.  Once the registration is complete, you then send an email to with your registered names and sizes.  This email guarantees your D'Limers teeshirt.
(my son with a general Komen tee covered in colored powder from D'Limers)
The plain white tees with the Susan B Komen Miami logo are what's given at the disclosed locations but when you get to the D'Limers booth the morning of the walk, you are given colorful and more stylish tees with the D'Limers logo on it.  The color changes annually but I'll keep you informed so you can organize your headpieces and matching attire.  Check below.


You'd have to be prepared to wake up before dawn.  Anywhere between 6:30 and 7:00 is a great time to get to Bayfront Park. At that hour there is little to no traffic, you have ample choices for parking, *the parking lots have an additional fee, you get to take your time and find the D'LIMERS booth.  Once you arrive, if you haven't collected your team D'Limers teeshirt, now would be the time to do it.  It would also give you enough time to 'cut it up' to your liking.  After enough people are in attendance, a prayer is done, there is a light buffet style breakfast and then it'll be time to walk.

Once you're walking with D'LIMERS the vibes are always nice.  Caribbean people really know how to turn a tough situation into an enjoyable one.  We walk with national flags, carnival headpieces from any carnival of your choosing, colored powder being thrown like a jouvert and I remember one time Giselle "The Wassi One" came out with a boom box and played soca music as we walked. Level pump!!!  When the walk is complete, we gather at the tent to have lunch and enjoy the sounds of a live deejay (which is usually Barry Hype).

In between the tasty food and drinking (non alcoholic beverages cause I know you were wondering), the reggae and soca music pumps loud and everyone begins to dance and enjoy themselves. There are some short but sweet speeches and acknowledgments for the many that attend who are survivors.
Registration is now open for Team ‪#‎DLIMERS2015‬ at Annual Komen Race for the Cure Saturday October 17 at D'Limers Team Page. From now until June 30, you can register for the DISCOUNTED rate of $20.00 - all you have to do is click the D'Limers Team Page and join our Team ‪#‎DLIMERS‬. Team Sponsor partner opportunities are available.  For more information on that you can email Don't forget, this is the same email address to send your registered names and sizes to get your D'Limers tee. Hope to see you there!



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