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Let me just get right down to what you logged on to read especially since I posted nothing yesterday. We got to the Miami Fairgrounds around 1 am after circling around for a bit. Although this was the location of the Miami Carnival last year, you have to keep in mind that I did not attend so finding the correct entrance was a bit of a task. Once you actually found the correct entrance, everything else was smooth sailing. The line wasn't too long and it moved quickly *thank God.  At the entrance, we were greeted by two women dressed in full carnival costume.  At least 5 people before and 5 people after me were greeted and thanked for coming to the band launch.  Nice touch.  Despite the distance hundreds of people showed up.  Over the years I've been to Generation X band launches and the crowd this year was noticeably smaller.  I don't believe it was due to any lack of interest but more the distance of the venue that affected the attendance but overall, there were lots of people and it was just right (for me).

About a half hour of me being there, it was showtime.  We were asked to clear the lighted walkway as there would be a little presentation before the costumes were presented.  The presentation was supposed to put us back to the 18th century. How plantation owners began the tradition of organizing masquerades and balls before the fasting and abstinence of Lent and how that evolved to Carnival as we know it today. I saw none of it because I was too short and just wan't to see costumes right away. The anticipation was killing me!
The Spirit of Carnival
There are 7 sections:
  • Bacchanal - Tracy Julien 
  • Pan - Tracy Julien
  • Soca - David Dewer
  • Fete - Tracy Julien
  • J'ouvert - Marie Colette
  • Mas - David Dewer and 
  • Last Lap - Tracy Julien
This is bacchanal.  The models were all over the place getting dressed, putting on make up and getting ready to go on stage so Bacchanal unfortunately was one of the sections I did not get close ups of. The section leader of this section wears a monokini that has what I call "the nannie cutter cut". (I'm pretty sure you know the "nannie cutter cut".  It's the cut that lots of designers are now using. You know, where the bikini bottoms, panties or monokini bottoms don't have a lot of material 'below' or are cut with intent to show part of the labia......yeah, that cut).  That in itself would disqualify me from wearing this costume.  I have a husband to answer to.  That does leave the Frontline and Backline, I'd take my chances in those.


Have you ever listened to an actual steel band/orchestra and happen to glimpse the pan when light hits it; it's nothing but silver and blinding.  Whether it's sunlight or lights from a stage that shine that you see is exactly what I think of when I see this costume.  It's very, very silver.   On both the section leader and frontline I love the details on the body pieces but I'd need a little more color contrast.  The feathers have a hint of red, gray and white but they don't POP, it's shiny pretty but really bland.
The seller of this section (for me) would be the frontline.  The frontline monokini is fire! It has a 'different' cut.  What I would call a leaning teardrop on the chest area of the monokini, allows one side of the breast to be fully covered while the other has some cleavage showing.  Then there's the side action of the body, it's like asymmetrical has taken steroids!  BRAVO!  My only suggestion would be to add a little more color.

SOCA Section Leader
What can I say besides I LOVE SOCA! I'd be content in the Section Leader, Frontline or Backline. The colors are loud.  I love it.  It literally screams carnival!
SOCA Frontline


Section Leader
My pictures do not do this costume justice.  In the lighting this costume shimmered, sparkled and s-l-a-y-e-d on stage.  I could only imagine this costume in the sunlight.  Fete just like Bacchanal has that same cut that I previously mentioned. The headpiece was massive and I was told that it was extremely light.  I know some models just say that for the sake of helping their band but not once did I see her hold it up, shift or adjust it so I believe that to be true.

If I were to play in this section, I'd play in the Frontline.  The bra alone has me sold.  The support portion of the bra hugs so perfectly that the breasts look comfortable and appear to be supported very well.  This looks like it takes very little effort to look flawless.

When I heard that there was a section named "J'ouvert", I expected it to have darker colors like the black in Bacchanal but it was neon.  The black would have been nice to show the dark hours of the morning that the jouvert begins but it wasn't.  I like how the now trending neon colors were used in the feathers and beads of this section. This looks like a section that will fill up with all the younger adults and the younger at heart.  It has a youthful finish and I like it.  


Mas Section Leader
Each piece of this section is hotter than the last.  I saw this section and literally wasn't interested in the rest.  This was the section that 'did it' for me.  If I were to play in Generation X this would be my section.  There isn't an overkill of feathers and not too much nakedness (as far as mas goes) but the placement and type of feathers used gave me that WOW effect.  Nice!


The last section of the presentation.  Last Lap.  This color combination was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn't expect to see the darker colors mix so well with the light.  The designer had a plan and it was executed well.  

All in all,  I was super impressed with Gen X's entire band launch experience.  From the beginning with the quick and steady movement of the line, the costume display of "The Spirit Of Carnival", which I can see myself in any one of and the end having the crowd placed in the hands of none other than DJ Private Ryan.  Between the costumes and DJ Private Ryan, I was in my glee.  I had so much of a good time my body was sore all day on Sunday.  So, you'd have to blame Generation X and their band launch for me not having this little blog up since yesterday.

Registrations are now open for past masqueraders.  After June 15th, the website will be open to all people willing to register at Generation X's Website.  Check them out now!



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