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Are you ready for the madness?
Are you ready for the mud?
Jamdong Management has got you covered!  
This Saturday, the 13th of June Jamdong Management promises a jouvert band launch like no other to hit South Florida.  Let me just say that getting dressed in your Sunday best is NOT recommended. Do NOT go in "Mudd Maddness" dressed to kill because there is a good chance you will be leaving covered in mud.  Jamdong's intent is to give their patrons a preview of the mud they'll be chipping in come October 10th. 

Let me give you some suggestions:

  • Dress accordingly, expect to leave M&J Auto the same way you'd leave a typical jouvert.  If you do not get mud on you, at least you were prepared for the worst.
  • Expect to register at the launch Saturday.  If mud mas is what you'd like to play, this band is your way to go.  It is the only band that is completely mud.   
  • Walk with a change of clothes.
  • Walk with large garbage bags to protect your car seats.
  • Come with an open mind, ready to party and leave the stresses at home.
  • Purchase your advance tickets because time is running out! Ticket locations are posted on the flyer below.  



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