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Imagine my excitement when Friday came.  Friday was the night that The Bad Boys of Caribbean Comedy tour passed through the Lauderhill/Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The original plan was to arrive at The Warehouse for 9pm but undoubtedly the inner Trini kicked in and that's not even the time we left the house. Long story short, we got to the venue around 9:40pm.  From the looks of the parking lot we were still early which got me excited.  Excited because no one in their right mind wants to be late to a comedy show for the obvious reasons.

As I walked in, I heard Soca and Calypso music.  WIN! Your purchased ticket came with a complimentary drink so we took advantage of that.  While waiting for my drink and tapping my feet, I did a quick sweep across the room.  The crowd was definitely older *which was not a problem for me, I actually welcomed it.

As I walked toward seating, I was horrified to see that all the seats were taken.  There were one or two seats in between but I had a party of four!  There was an entire row available, I'd say about 20 chairs but it was the very first row and no one wants the first row at a comedy show!  Accepting my reality, I secured our four chairs, in the first row.....  A little after 11pm Giselle 'D Wassi One' announced that showtime would be soon and the show started.

The opening act was Sprangalang of Trinidad.  I remember as a child this man used to crack me up but on Friday night, I chuckled at his jokes.  The rest of the crowd enjoyed every bit of his act but as I told you earlier, the crowd was 'older' and many of the jokes that he told I'd previously read on social media therefore knowing all the punch lines beforehand.  Only telling two jokes that I've never heard/read prior to the show was disappointing of Spranalang but I believe only people who are on social media heavily would have known them.  This crowd obviously wasn't as he had them eating out of his hands.  Tommy Joseph, another comedian from Trinidad was next, he made up for Sprangalang (for me).  Who happened to steal the show was Trevor 'Dynamite' Eastman out of Barbados.  He was hilarious and had us laughing from beginning to end. He could have done that show on his own.  That's how funny he was!

Kudos to Babe Promotions on having multiple card readers!  It was relief on so many levels!  Having a card reader at The Warehouse is almost now a necessity.  Card readers not only maximize the sales for themselves as event planners but for additional options and comfort of their patrons.  People (including myself) no longer like walking with cash as it gets lost, miscounted and lots of times stolen in one way or another. Lots happen when under the influence of alcohol.  From what I observed, each of the hostesses had a card reader which made purchases run smoothly during the show, breaks and intermission.  The sexy dressed hostesses kept our buckets filled with ice and replenished cups.  They weren't overbearing but as soon as we needed to purchase additional chaser, they were available and our receipts,  emailed.   Win win again. My wish is that these mobile food establishments follow this trend.

At the end of the comedy show was when everyone literally stacked away their chairs and partied.  The deejays for the night were Sinistar and Sheldon Republic.  DJ's came to show love like Madd Trini, Eternal Vibes, Steelie, Power 96's Fergie and Springer *just to name a few.  The hubby is an old soul and I just love music.  We, along with our friends listened to and enjoyed the sounds of Sinistar and Sheldon Republic for hours, never sat down and took breaks only to smoke.  We heard music that we haven't heard in aaages and mind you, we've just been to TWO back in time parties recently. In all honesty, I already knew and expected this of Sheldon Republic but due to Sinistar's age I didn't expect that of him and underestimated him.  Now I've heard him play before but I have never heard him play this assortment of music and didn't think he had it in him.  So Sinistar, here is my public apology from DCARNIVALBABY to you, I am sorry. You are exceptional and actually pay attention to your crowd and knew exactly what to play. There was pop, rock, soca, disco and calypso.  Can't remember hearing any reggae.  Sheldon Republic even took a couple from the 60's!  Could have been the 50's but who's counting.  I think it was a battle between us and him to see if he could play something that we wouldn't know, it never happened lol.  As the music played, we danced and we sang (out loud).  Upon leaving was when we noticed the rest of the crowd had dwindled down, still partying, dancing and having a good old time.

The hubby and I ended up leaving our two friends there about half past two.  We enjoyed every bit of that night.  Babe Promotions when you're ready to have another event, once as it promises to be as enjoyable and drama free like this was.  We're there!
From left to right Junior of Babe Promotions, Comedian Tommy Joseph, Comedian Spranalang, Comedian Trevor 'Dynamite' Eastman and the lovely Danielle of Babe Promotions.



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