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We're just going to jump right in......
"My thoughts on #ahdrenalinmas! First off every vincy advised me that since mirage ( a MAS band in VINCY was not coming out I should sit this out) Truth be told I am a carnival BABY from since I was small...there is NO way I was going to sit out playing mas. I figured it cannot be that bad. I registered and paid my costume in FULL the day after the costumes launched since March.  I arrived in ST.VINCENT FRIDAY and headed to the mas camp. I saw people still Making mas. OK when I asked about my section I was told not ready yet. The next day same thing. The foolishness went on until CARNIVAL TUESDAY morning. I received a bra that was 10 times my size.A barely decorated bra and panty. This costume won't even be a decent MONDAYwear costume in Trinidad (not comparing but it was that bad) A backpack with no foam, thing to bruise skin. All masqueraders know what I mean! Ok my friends encourage me to still play mas despite all the issues! I went on the road. The drinks in my section flowed like water! ( I have NO issues there) the music truck BROKE DOWN in the road! So they told us to go to the lunch stop. The band was at the rest stop for about 3 hours! I had to take a wine in the other bands! Big up NELSON BLOCK!!!! The music truck did not get back on the road until about 6pm! After that we jump with them until about 11pm. I try my best not to compare carnivals but this experience was CRAZY! I had fun but ahdrenalin and its team need to do better. My suggestion have a mechanic on board and make sure and inspect the truck. As far as the costumes woes the people need to at least do damage control because you know the costumes was a hot mess before you packed it let us KNOW. I guess it was partly my fault for not walking with gems and a glue gun! The best part of this experience was the bottle of wine I received in my package. My section leader tried her best. She did offer me a full refund and big up the guy in the mas camp who tried to fix my backpack. I know they say never say never..but Ahdrenalin not my money! There are so many bands in VINCY to choose from. I hope you fix your issues next year!" - Unhappy Masquerader

Unhappy Masquerader received this letter today via email.
Would this be enough for YOU?
Would you give the band a second chance?
Or would you move on?
For the original blog on the Unhappy Masquerader's costume collection fiasco, you can click HERE



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