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"I've witnessed some of the most disgusting behaviour from some UNC supporters during this UNC campaign.
Of course it's not all UNC supporters, but hopefully a minority of UNC voters who've behaved shamefully, disgracefully. Hopefully those who did can now stop all their hatred and racism and learn to become part of this country.
They call their party 'United' and 'National" but all I have seen from them is division and tribalism. This is the 21st century, not the 18th. It's well past time for some to grow up. The truth is that we are now left with a legacy of theft and over spending, we have huge debts, and are yet to be hit with interest. International Loans and investment options are now limited to us thanks to the last five years of horrendous corruption and mismanagement. In addition our revenue from oil will decrease as the world moves into a global recession. Spending must be cut, we all have to make sacrifices for this nation to

1. Survive the onslaught of globally tough times ahead.
2. Recover from the last five years of theft, pilfering and mismanagement.
Unless Trinidad comes together as a nation and works together for the good of the nation, then we shall sink and drown together.
It frightens me that after five years of criminal behaviour on the part of a corrupt and immoral cabal, they were still able to win 19 seats. That, is frightening. It speaks volumes of how deluded, partisan and unattached some are.
I hope now we can work together, aspire together and achieve together.
To those who are unwilling to drop their childish partisan ways, their racism and refuse to become part of this Multi Racial Nation, then you simply don't deserve to call yourselves Trinidadians". Stuart

I needed to add nor take away from this bold yet necessary statement as it speaks volumes.  It is now not up to the Prime Minister alone.  What Trinidad and Tobago needs along with proper leadership, is the help of  her people! You can do this Trinidad and Tobago!  God has once again blessed your nation!



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