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There are many changes to mention with this event but we'll wait til the ticket sales have started to mention them.  

It's hard for me to remain upset with my DJ crush for doing this as his talent surpass his wrong doings. Do any of you see the problem with this event?  The event starts at 2pm and ends at 8pm.   I TOTALLY get it. Scorch is after Soca Brainwash and DJ Private Ryan is most likely carded for both BUT what about the die hard Private Ryan followers who are also die hard jouvert partakers??  

The Miami Carnival jouvert is scheduled from 6am until 2pm and the plan for many was to revel for each minute of the allotted time.  Seeing as every request, suggestion and plea with the man himself were all ignored, I have no other choice but to change my jouvert plans as missing this event is NOT an option and I will have to leave the jouvert at EXACTLY 2pm!  Talking about DJ Private Ryan's events, that leads me to the last event in Miami "Leo".  That review will be up tomorrow.

Ticket information, location and pricing will be made public soon.  Just remember to have your money on hand when the website becomes active.  *Last time I gave a warning was for Euphoria Mas' band launch. Not everyone got their money up and were quite upset, complaining and reportedly crying at the speed the band was sold out in.  Don't be left out in the cold.  



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