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The review of this event has been long overdue but here it goes...
Getting into the event was  a breeze, there was a short line, no fuss or fight.  Everything went smoothly. The crowd was now forming and excitement was in the air.  I mean, where else can you see or hear Private Ryan for $10? (if you purchased an early-bird ticket).  Surprisingly, couple people asked if Private Ryan had played yet which led me to believe that these people were new to Leo as Private Ryan is carded annually for this event.  That to me was a good thing because that meant that new people and fresh faces are coming out to events. 

Two bands that were supposed to display costumes that night, Generation X and Wassi Ones. I was informed that Generation X cancelled because they were pretty much sold out (as their band launched pretty early) which left Wassi Ones alone to display costumes.  Giselle "The Wassi One" could not make the event, so they got the shyest person in the whole party to announce the models coming on to the stage..... Me. The Wassi Ones models modeled sections Bright Africa, Dragon, Energy, The Fancy Indian, Jab Molassie and The Pierrot Grenade. DJ Dr. Esan did an excellent job playing an assortment of music for each model to dance to  as there was no actual plan.  The highlight of the show was when DJ Esan played Big Red's "No Behaviour" (better known as When We Touch Down) for the model modeling Bright Africa.  The energy that she came on the stage with combined with that chune literally 'shell dong' the place as she excited the crowd with her 'behavior'.

Admittedly, I didn't pay attention to the 'performances' of the deejays present or who actually played only because I was busy getting ready to announce the models.  The job was given to me while at the party. What I did notice between the hustle and bustle was that the crowd wasn't really moving.  Everyone was basically standing around, drinking and enjoying each others company.  Not bored but dancing conservatively.  It seemed as if everyone was waiting for either the live costume display or Private Ryan to play music.

When the intro for Private Ryan played, the crowd started to cheer and the atmosphere was noticeably different.  The music selection was different, it wasn't what everyone is used to hearing in South Florida.  It was a welcomed change of pace that the crowd noticed and responded to well.
Of what I did experience, I actually loved.  The bartenders moved quickly so the drinks kept coming (I needed the drinks to flow to work up the nerve to get on that stage).  Although I didn't take advantage of it, there were hookahs available.  There were no mix ups with bottle service.  It was incident free - everyone handled their liquor appropriately and there were no fights.  The Sweet Hand Kathy team saved my life with their food afterward.  (We won't discuss how they gladly served Private Ryan before me knowing that he purposely cut directly in front of me in the line) lol.  It's a cool scene, our conversation has lead to an upcoming blog which will be coming soon!  My only complaint with Leo 2015 is a personal pet peeve.  If there is a dress code, patrons should follow it.  Who can appreciate a glow party with only half the dance wearing white?  This has nothing to do with Infamous Empire but directed to patrons.  It was a red and white party, what happened?

All in all, Leo is a party dedicated to all the Leo's of the zodiac and most importantly to celebrate the birthday of Anthony of Infamous Empire.
So again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY!!!  Now, would I attend this party again?  Absolutely!  Next year, *once God spare life, there will be another year of life to be blessed with.  I'd like to however get the full experience of Leo next year, without work and actually enjoy myself with friends. I may not have had as good a time that I would have wanted (due to me having to work/fill in) but I couldn't stop hearing about the good time that each of my friends had with my husband while I was missing in action.  Even IF it was an event I didn't care to attend again, they've made it clear that they'd be heading there with or without me for Leo 2016.



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