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I've indulged in many a conversation on why Machel Montano hasn't graced the Miami carnival crowd with his presence and was rather disgusted as to some of the things that I've heard.  I've heard that Miami promoters haven't been paid the man in two years so he has boycotted.  There's the rumor about his entire band not owning visas to enter the country and without his entire band, people aren't willing to pay the prices that he's calling.  Aye, the list went on and on but these two rubbed me in the worst way.

I know for a fact that Mr Machel Montano is just as dedicated to his pocket as he is to his fans.  He is a business man and will NOT perform on anyone's stage unless ALL money is PAID IN FULL.  He is a man who mixes no matters when coming to his money and money matters are always handled accordingly.  The rumor generated of certain Miami promoters not paying him sounds like not only a slap in the face to our South Florida party promoters but makes Machel look weak.  Stop it.  I won't even get into the no visa rumor report because I believe the easiest visa out there to get is a work visa especially for a member of Machel Montano's band.  Do people honestly believe some of the garbage that they themselves babble about or do people talk just because they like to hear the sound of their own voice?

Trinidad and Tobago's carnival sets the pace for the latter carnivals and the season technically begins right after Christmas and doesn't let up til carnival Monday and Tuesday (falling on February 8th and 9th).  Has anyone checked how short of a season that is?  That's approximately 45 days!!  Machel needs to focus on music and 'bring it' because the moment he doesn't, we will be unforgiving so if the man says he needs a break every now and again the man could do with a well deserved break, don't you think?  He drops about 12 tracks annually and if I'm not mistaken, released exactly 12 for 2015. His music is played, replayed and sometimes overplayed.  Did we as carnival patrons really have to see him to enjoy our Miami carnival?  Did we have to see the man perform?  I'm glad most of you got over it and were content in just having his music get under our skin and raising our pores so that he can focus on slaying it in the studio.  The more focused he is, the better it is for us!  Stay calm.



  1. I was surprised Machel did not perform for Miami carnival. I think he's in love and spending time with his new lady



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