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My Miami carnival experience was very different to those of the past and I couldn't put my finger on it until lately.  As time goes on you may figure it out too but I assure you, it had nothing to do with Machel Montano's hiatus. One of my BEST carnivals was Trinidad and Tobago carnival in 2010. The same year Machel claimed he was sitting out the carnival due to 'spiritual reasons' when anyone with a brain in their head knew that it was a marketing strategy for the masses to purchase tickets for Ms Beyonce. Anyway, on to my Miami carnival 2015 experience.... Being that I live in the Fort Lauderdale area my Miami carnival started with SEVEN.

SEVEN is a cooler fete that I would say is for the locals.  By the time this fete comes around there are limited to no out of towners and we locals get to jump start our Miami carnival festivities without traffic and stress.  It's our goodbye to our parties with the familiar faces and a hello to the influx of visitors.

SEVEN was promoted/advertised as an outdoor cooler event from the hours of 5pm to 12am.  Jamdong, I never got the memo that the cooler fete would later become an indoor fete and that I should expect to be there until around 4am.  I went with all intent on leaving at midnight.  Apparently the hubby got the memo that there would be an after party, I however wasn't notified. Should I have known, I would have planned differently.  (Well, drank differently).  For those who went from the beginning, that was almost 12 hours of drinking and feting!!!! 

Once we arrived at the venue, you could immediately tell that everything would be taking place indoors because there were cars, not people in the parking lot.  Florida people (God bless em) are so laid back that there was no fuss or fight.   Everyone more or less found out that the cooler fete has been moved indoors on their way inside and were fine with that.  I tell you, once as nothing interfered with our coolers, what was inside them and the drinking was unscathed we remained happy campers. As far as the last minute move, there was a problem with licensing (which was no fault of the Jamdong Management Team).     
I pride myself on my honesty, so I won't come here and pretend to know which deejay played which music at what time or order.  I looked over periodically and noticed that DJ's have switched out. I made a special check-in to see which angel was playing my anthem, Kerwin Dubois' "Forget About It" and it was Survivor aside from that, there was no need.  The transition of each deejay was done with ease and I noticed nothing.  No annoying pauses and excessive talking.  Note to DJ's, we the party patrons don't mind you talking but DON'T DISRUPT THE MUSIC! Deejays in attendance were: DJ Renny and Big Bad DJ Redz.  When these two play together, they're known as "Rated R", Florida's own DJ Dr Esan, Survivor as previously mentioned and DJ Titan, who happens to be Bunji Garlin's DJ.  They kept the party moving and the vibes flowing.
For us, *the patrons the night was incident free.  While friends and family were inside taking pictures, drinking and being merry there was a small incident outside.  Apparently the owner was trying to charge ticketed patrons to enter the fete.  Management of the Jamdong Management Team was immediately notified and it was rectified almost as soon as it began.  This affected no one inside the fete but it was an incident and in true blogger fashion I had to report but it.  There was a crowd outside and it looked like a bigger deal than it was mainly because everyone always wants to know what's going on but it was a secluded incident and it was handled quickly and efficiently. 

Although it was a cooler fete, I purchased a drink for blogging purposes.  I wanted to know if they would mark up the prices for drinks because the majority of the party came with their own and the bar wouldn't be making much that night.   The drinks were normally priced, kudos!  Listen, as far as cooler fetes go, I'd say SEVEN was great!   We brought a cooler full of our own poison and loved every minute of it.
Put this on your Miami carnival list of must go to events! 



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