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These are NOT my personal opinions but of carnival revelers that have sent their personal reviews via email.  Should you like to send a review, that email is

My carnival experience was amazing. Machel Monday was epic as always. Trini Jungle Juice's Mental was a blast. Met a lot of WFYG bandits in the place. The food was amazing! C'est La Vie was boss and a must every year. That food was sooooo good. Party was vibes. I left out of there soak and wet! Phuket was so much fun! The green bandits represented in that fete! Drinks were good, food was good, but I heard they ran out of both towards the end. I missed Soca Brainwash but we had tickets to Scorch for later that night. I think I was already soured by my IP Mas ordeal so Scorch was blah to me. I was rather bored. Beach House Cooler fete took a rather long time to get going. The venue was hilly and dusty. Somewhere between all that dust and a previous cups I developed bronchitis and had to suffer through the rest of my trip. I couldn't make it through carnival Monday so we left the band and came back home. Carnival Tuesday we had to chase down the band. They were already by Charlotte street by 7:30am 😳. Drinks were good, food was blah, Djs were cool. I've never heard so much old music in my life. The entire trip every fete and on the road the djs beat old music to death. Crossing the stage wasn't as amazing as I had dreamed. Our band seemed a little scanty to me. I thought there would be much more revelers. I appreciated the air conditioned shuttle buses since I wasn't feeling well. That helped me get through the day. Overall I had a great carnival experience despite the ordeal with IP and getting sick.



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