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These are NOT my personal opinions but of carnival revelers that have sent their personal reviews via email.  Should you like to send a review, that email is

Whyte Angels Jouvert:

Love it.  The only band I’ve played with in T and T for the past 5 years so I don’t have anything to compare it to in those terms.  But from what I’ve heard of larger jouvert bands, I have no reason to leave Whyte Angels.  It’s a family vibe/atmosphere from the time you collect your package, to the time we meet back in St. James Jouvert morning.  The food (corn soup and doubles) was great at that time of morning when it can be a little chilly. Truck arrived about 1/2 hour late, we assume he was stuck in other jouvert traffic in St. James. There is 1 music truck, 1 drinks truck and 1 riddim that gives you an idea of the size of the band, which has grown every year.  I love the riddim section.   Once the truck arrived and pumped the speakers, the vibes lit up the place.  Hands down, would do Whyte Angels again.  No stushness, pure vibes, good music and fun. 



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