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It's been a while, hasn't it?

After Miami carnival, this blog takes a hiatus and resurfaces shortly after Trinidad carnival unless there is something exciting to report and there just wasn't anything interesting enough.. Well, carnival related anyway cause the news kept comin!  There is no rest in carnival, especially when there is mess.  There are yet again, many, many changes.  Some will interest you and some will not but that's another blog..  Unexpected interview comin soon with ex members of a certain band.   THIS blog post is about who's definitely on the road for 2016.

Giselle 'The Wassi One" finally made her Miami Carnival 2016 presentation public at Armani's birthday celebration bash Friday night at Friday Splash!  Wassi Ones' 2016 Carnival presentation will be: FREEDOM. Thank God cause I wanted to buss!  Wassi Ones I believe has been the first mas band to make their theme announcement HOWEVER, a little birdie made it known that they too are NOT sleeping and they've certainly gotten my attention!

Just awaiting band launch dates!
Reviews on T&T carnival bands and events have come in and just need to be sorted out.  I'll keep you posted.



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