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Surprisingly I was not in a coma and was able to write this little blog about MY FOG experience Saturday.  Oh what a night!  This review will be in two parts.  I have to rate FOG: The Fete and then FOG: The Food. It's only right.  First up will be the food.  I got to the club at or about midnight which was fairly early. Parking was great! The crowd hadn't arrived yet so nothing was blocking me from seeing the food tables upon entry.  The area was clean and it was kept that way for the balance of the night. PLUS!
These trays consist of Wild Hog, Iguana, Duck, Chicken,Tattoo (Armadillo) and Fish. Everything was curried besides the fish.  The fish was steamed.
These trays had Roti, Green Fig/Green Banana, Cassava, Dumplings and Coocoo.  Who really knows me, knows that I am a lover of my belly and appreciate good food.  I'm so sick with it that I can tell whether food is good or bad with only my nose however, the strong smell of pepper when I approached the table scared me off.  It wasn't until later on in the night after receiving several confirmations that the pepper didn't sting but was just enough for taste that I tried some. What I did was taste everyone's plate until I had tasted everything.  Off each plate I picked off of, I felt it only right to ask the owners how they felt the food tasted.  Across the board mostly everyone thought the food was alright. Some more than others but all in all, not too much negative feedback was given. Of what I ate which was the tattoo, iguana, chicken, hog and duck.  I thought they all were okay. The true critic was a good friend (originally from Tobago) who's standards were set very high seeing as Tobagonians live for their ground food (provision) an wild meats.  "The best dish was the tattoo. It was seasoned well and gamy like wild meat should be". 

As for the coo coo and steamed fish.....who's idea was it to cook coo coo?  For an event such as this, I didn't expect to see coo coo but if yuh givin we coo coo, where was the callaloo?  If coo coo is left to sit and it didn't get enough okro (okra) or coconut milk it tends to dry.  The callaloo would have disguised it a little but hey, who am I to judge?  I knows nothing of what it takes to cook dishes for more than 15 people. The steamed fish was too sweet.  I myself didn't taste it but these were the reviews of quite a few people.  It could have been that too much ketchup was used (if it was Trinidad ketchup) or just plain old sugar.  Whatever it was, it was sweet and steamed fish isn't a sweet dish. All in all the portions were generous, nothing ran out ahead of time and the servings were unlimited. Food:  B-

FOG: The Fete.  People will pong me hard in public but will secretly agree when I say that South Florida is lacking when coming to the Caribbean Club Lifestyle.  I can't put a finger on what it is yet but the majority of the grown folk have this feeling and we can't all be wrong. How long can one wait on Clem to have a boat ride? Even then, there are but so many people that can fit on a boat..... anyway, that's another blog.  FOG was one of THE BEST fetes I have been to in a very long time.  If fetes were like this every weekend, I'd be there.  Hell, the people of South Florida would actually pay their money to come out every weekend. I've ruled out the people being the problem because the crowd was the same.  It was like the bar on the TV show Cheers.  Everyone knew everyone and if you didn't know someone, your friend did.  It was intimate and very comfortable.  It wasn't a social gathering.  Everyone danced, it was a party mixed with friends and everyone had a great time.  The music stuck to the soca and reggae genres and I'm good with that! The DJ's took us from old to new reggae and soca and we followed wherever they led.  Survivor ended the fete.  He too did not disappoint but does he ever? I'd love to give DJ Mad Trini some love seeing as I seldom see him on flyers but does mash up fetes.  He isn't getting the credit that he deserves.  The old music wasn't the same ole "Roll It Gyal" by Allison Hinds but throwbacks that we don't hear over and over each and every weekend like there's a quota to fill.  When we heard chunes rolling, it gave that OMG YES effect.  It has gotten to the point that more than a handful of us know exactly what the DJ's are going to play and when.  At my age and coming from Brooklyn, I've been to many a party an mash up many ah fete so keeping the older crowd happy is a task and as a DJ, you have to know how to please ALL CROWDS not just the young ones who now come out an feel they know music.  THE ONLY negative about this fete was that there were no bottles for immediate purchase once we arrived but that was sorted quickly and I can't knock the entire fete that.  The problem was addressed and handled within minutes.  Aside from that hiccup, it was so good that it could be overlooked.  Fete: A+

I already know what will be said once this blog is read but it's time for people to stop being afraid of saying what they want publicly because whispering and being fed up solves nothing. Pretending that satisfaction was granted will make DJ's and promoters alike feel there is nothing that needs to be changed and I am tired of hearing the same cries from each person I speak to concerning South Florida.  I'm from New York but I live in South Florida, what we don't want to happen is for the New York DJ's to come here and take over....because from what I'm seeing, that is already happening with Miami Carnival.  Which South Florida based party is still poppin for carnival? I'll wait.  Maybe CinCity Entertainment will take South Florida back because CinCity is promising to do just that.



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