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These are NOT my personal opinions but of carnival revelers that have sent their personal reviews via email.  Should you like to send a review, that email is
**This post has been updated to add a response to this review.  Both individuals would like to remain anonymous.

This was my 4th year playing mas in Trinidad, but my first time playing mas with YUMA.  I had heard great things about this band and wanted something different…some “upgrades” if you will.  I wanted to know the secret of the Socadome  and these wonderful things that apparently happen at the rest stop.

So I sent an email requesting registration info and received a friendly, welcoming reply within a day or so, with a form attached for me to fill out choosing my top 3 favorite costumes (in that order).  It was made clear on the form that if the 1st choice was not available, the 2nd choice would be approved and so on.  It was also made clear that nothing would be locked in until the deposit was received via Western Union or paid in Trinidad.  This slightly annoyed me only because I was ordering late in the year, and I know that they weren’t collecting the money every day.  (So if I sent my money via WU in minutes for my choice 1, it’s possible that they won’t collect until 2 days from now and then what if my choice 1 is gone by then??!!)  Anyhow, it all worked out in my favor and I got email verification of payment received and my choice 1 was locked in.

Costume collection was at Movie Towne. This was Saturday, the only day I could collect, and I had to meet my group at Soca Brainwash afterwards. After I located what part of this plaza to go to, all I had to do was wait in line. Then wait in line again upstairs.  I’d say it took about 2 hours start to finish. While waiting, I realized that I didn’t have enough cash.  I asked security if he could hold my space while I run to the ATM and he was very accommodating. ATM wouldn’t dispense enough cash, now I start to panic.  I go back to security, he advises that I should be fine with my credit/debit card. Once inside, they had 1 machine able to accept Visa and thank goodness everything went through.  They went through the costume and pieces with me, I signed for it and left with my cool YUMA gym bag (with goodies) so far, so good.

Costume was 100% identical to the pictures and I loved it. No complaints at all.

Monday and Tuesday

We weren’t given any “included” Monday wear which would’ve been nice even just as a keepsake, but whatever.  We had Monday wear of our own. Both days on the road were fun, the vibes are there, the music was great, the crowd was just enough; not so empty that you bored, but not so packed that you can’t breathe.  I was still waiting for this great experience that is YUMA though.  At lunch, we had good food with lots of choices and I saw about 5 massage chairs and some throw away things like wipes, mouthwash, hand sanitizer and deodorant.  Meh, no biggie to me.  I remember looking for the cool down bus at some point…apparently it doesn’t exist in this band.

The Socadome was nice, but to me we crossed so early!  We almost missed it on Tuesday. We literally ran up as our section was about to cross the stage. Between crossing the stage and lunch seemed like an eternity. Masqueraders (including myself) reluctantly began to buy food from the street vendors because we were so hungry.  After paying $900 for a costume, I’d like to see more snacks on the road.  

After lunch (which to me is extremely long- idk why people want to sleep during the parade), but after we ate lunch on Tuesday we had to leave YUMA because they seemed like they were done for the day and we were ready to jump up again…it’s what we went there for.  So we left and jumped with a couple other bands until night time.

Not sure what happened with YUMA after lunch on Tuesday, but overall, I would play with them again.

Ease of ordering and collection; customer service; friendliness; reusable goodie bag; vibes; drinks; food; cool areas and cool treats (snow cones, icee, etc.) and music at lunch.

Collection hours; no cool down bus; no snacks on the road (that we could find); no online payment; not knowing if you’re going to get your costume choice until AFTER you’ve paid.

Author would like to remain unknown.

I also played with Yuma and I agree and disagree with some things. 

1.If you go in the day you are suppose to pick up if you spend 45 min you stayed too long. Not on Sat evening when everyone who didmt pick up all week coming to pick up. 
2. There was a snack truck that had fruits bake n shark bake and cheese and other things. 
3. Any true masquerader will hate the Socadrome. There is nothing like the big stage nothing can compare. 
4. They take so long at lunch because they do the majority of the small stages before lunch so they don't rush to go up Frederick Street when they stay in Woodbrook and Independence Square.



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