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These are NOT my personal opinions but of carnival revelers that have sent their personal reviews via email.  Should you like to send a review, that email is

This year I had the pleasure of playing mas with Paparazzi.  I am the type of person that likes to test all my options.  I have played with different bands almost every  year.
I must say at first I was a little hesitant due to it not being 1 of the top overrated bands but after hearing constant rave about how great their customer service and road experience was, I decided to give them a try.
I said to myself,  im getting the same liquor, same music why not give it a try.   So let’s start by saying their costume price average at least 100 to 200us cheaper than the average band.  I also received a discount of 200tt for being a part of a large group.
The pick-up time for my costume was no more than 15 minutes from start to finish!  With the tight schedule that we had that was absolutely amazing.    I entered the lobby area to pay my balance in which I was prepared to cuss expecting them not to have my discount on file, only to be proven wrongly.
The lobby area was decorated with all the costumes in which I got to see my costume finally up close and I was pleased! The music was pumping and I only had 1 person ahead of me on line so I was excited.    I paid my balanced within 5 minutes and was directed to go around back to pick up
my actual costume that was already waiting for me.   I presented my receipt and we went over my costume.  It seems as though the sizes ran small so I asked to change my panty to a larger size and with no hassle at all it was changed.
This was also done for a member in my party.  As you know switching is a no no.   Did I mention they still give out Full Monday wear!

The staff was very accommodating and extremely pleasant.  I was very pleased leaving the mas camp.   My road experience was fabulous.   I never got an opportunity to sit on an air conditioned bus, but took full advantage for a good 40minutes while we passed the hospital since the music had to be turned down.  The music was as good as I hoped for it to be.  There were plenty of times that I didn’t need to go get drinks at the bar.   The paparazzi staff came around and provided all types of drinks in a little mobile cart.  If you know me, you know that I have a phobia for porta pottys,  well this band has the cleanest pottys I have EVER seen and smelled in my entire life.  A member of my group said he actually sat on the toilet for 10 minutes taking a break. There is a live attendant on board that disinfects and cleans and mops after each use!  there were also tall mirrors, pins and glue guns on that truck if you needed to repair any damages.  Right before crossing the Savanah stage as you know the drinks truck makes a detour so by then we are all dying of thirst until once again we get saved by those little carts of beverages that the paparazzi staff brings around.    it’s the little things like this that counts.

My only issue would have to be lunch that was served on Monday.  We were given a dish of pelaeu, to me was a little dry.   The meal we had on Tuesday was much better, we had Stew chicken, mac pie, rice and peas and salad.  we were given ice cream as well.   I’m not sure if anything else was being served as I went and took my nap for about an hour before heading out again.    The truck drivers were always told if they were going too fast, we rarely had to run after a truck! They made it a priority to keep the masqueraders together!  At  no point I felt unsafe!

I would definitely play mas with Paparazzi again!   Gather your crew cause this band was definitely worth giving a try!



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