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These are NOT my personal opinions but of carnival revelers that have sent their personal reviews via email.  Should you like to send a review, that email is
My 2nd SBW in Trinidad and it was even better than the first time.  This fete just keeps getting better to me…the food is endless, the drinks are endless, games, music, vibes….no complaints anywhere.  A lot of ppl complained about the time being too early, but I find that it always seems to start late.  After AM Bush and waiting at YUMA mas camp on Saturday afternoon for about 2-3 hours, I got to SBW and still had PLENTY of time to turn up. Love this fete, I only hope he comes with the all-inclusive in Miami this year and not that drink chit foolishness like 2015.  Overall, I give Brainwash a 9/10…everyone just seems so happy there lol.



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