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These are NOT my personal opinions but of carnival revelers that have sent their personal reviews via email.  Should you like to send a review, that email is
Okay so today Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad and Tobago I'm viewing mas cross the Queen's Park Savannah stage and I am in shock. What on earth has gone wrong? I mean what I'm seeing here, this ain't costumes there is no creativity, no color, no style, no nothing to talk about .I couldn't even tell what band or which section was what, it was a mess. I was almost in tears because I actually asked myself wow if it wasn't for me and my ill health this year and I was playing in IP, I was wasting money for this?  People I'm sorry but I would have been totally, totally disappointed because that was not Carnival. I am sorry but you disappointed me.. I mean I was like what's going on here?  What the hell is this?  Then with IP, the band I normally play in it looked like only a few people come to jump on stage.... what going on? Island people you need to come better than this I know you could come back to life but gosh..I'm sorry but creativity going down the drain.  Not IP alone but all the bands.  Where are the ideas with color, where is the vibes that bring carnival to life in designing?  Where we going?  Where it gone?  Now as a masquerader of IP, I watched them very closely...closer than all the other bands and I am glad I didn't play . Find allyuh muse please!!!!  I surely finding another band come 2017 if allyuh don't wake up . I felt sad ..Carnival is dying ..I know we not no Tribe or Yuma ..but oh gosh bring back creativity please we need costumes that wow spectators..IP in all it badness.. I gone ..just my opinions but ponder them.



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