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These are NOT my personal opinions but of carnival revelers that have sent their personal reviews via email.  Should you like to send a review, that email is
Roast Cruise (Sunday)
I have to say, I’m not impressed with Roast cruise.  It started extremely late, they had 1 working scanner to scan tickets…the others had to scroll through some type of excel spreadsheet. Smh.  Then they give you a ticket to give to someone else…just ridiculous…just let me on the boat.  It wasn’t clear that it was a cooler fete (which I love if done in the right location), but luckily they started so late we were able to run to the store and get some drinks…otherwise drinks on the boat were reasonably priced (with tiny cups tho).  They were also selling food, but again, due to the long wait at the beginning, we had already bought some KFC and ate in the dusty lot L.  Once we left the dock, it was nice. Vibes were definitely on that boat!  My only complaint is having coolers everywhere with already limited space.  I’d do Roast again (possibly if it’s not a cooler fete).  Overall I give Roast Cruise (Sunday) a 6/10.



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