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Good day all!

How art thou?
Laughing to self.

It was a long Miami carnival season and I am pleased to announce that I made it!

I can also tell everyone that I TOLD YOU SO, Hurricane Matthew did not make it! I have a lot to discuss concerning the carnival season from the start which was kiddies carnival and SEV3N to SSSBlue and my official last lap, the Breast Cancer walk downtown Miami with team D'Limers. Only thing is it can get lengthy so I will divide everything into separate blogs.

First was the kiddies carnival in the day and SEV3N later that night.  Both events will be in this blog as they were both on the same day and what I have to say can fit into one blog post.

Let me begin by saying that the kiddies carnival was moved from the Sunday before the adult carnival to the day before, Saturday.  The reasons given were good and I support their decision 100%. The reason for the change was that children and adults alike who either partake or spectate at the event are not tired but damn tired.  For a child to stand up, wine, sit down, whatever it is that they do in the hot sun is torture and takes a toll on their little bodies.  Then the adults are running behind children, drinking and having a time themselves.  By the time everyone is settled on a Sunday night, it's level sleep and I'm guessing that over the years like clockwork parents were not taking their children to school on time if at all the following Monday morning. It's so bad that for the past two years the Broward County school board has made automated phone calls reminding parents that children need to come to school and to be on time the week of.  I kid you not.  I get them. So for all that didn't know, now you know.  I'm all for progression and elevation of our culture but education is key! We can't interfere with that.

The children looked lovely.  From the ones reaching me at eye level to the youngest which were the babies dressed in full costume still in hand. The amount of children that I've seen however still troubles me.  Being that the carnival was held on a Saturday opposed to the Sunday, I expected to see more children on the 'road' but I'd say it was pretty much the same attendance as the previous years.  How do we as a people expect the culture to continue if we don't involve our children?  Children are curious.  They'd ask questions about the carnival and that's a perfect opportunity to teach the youth correctly.  Not have them believe that carnival is strictly pretty mas, wine, jam and alcohol.  They should learn from now starting with the kiddies carnival.  Smh, moving on.

My children enjoyed themselves to the max for their little carnival and although I wanted them to tell me how tired they were so we could leave and I could run to SEV3N, I stayed with them until they were content.  After all, it's their day and no one could get me off the road when I'm playing my mas. 

After driving home we quickly got ready for SEV3N.

Driving to SEV3N's venue was funny.  We thought the GPS was wrong because we got to a residential area, it was quiet and there were high beams used as street lights were almost nonexistent and I swear I expected Freddie Krueger to jump out those bushes.  The place was dark.  Perfect location for a Halloween fete. Once we got closer and saw the cars parked all how on the people grass, we agreed that we were at the right place and as we walked the sound of sweet soca music was the confirmation.

While walking, I remembered thinking that Jamdong locked a beautiful venue.  Unfortunately time was against me with the kiddies carnival and all so I got there roughly an hour before the party ended. For that time I basically mingled with some friends but from what I heard and videos I've seen, many people had a great time.  Florida - WFYG Bandits, rocked in that pool.  Wished more people took advantage of that pool cause I was dressed for it.  The set up of the speakers could have been done differently and caused a slight disconnect between the dj's and patrons but that is something for management to consider for next year if that's the venue for SEV3N 2017.  At the end of the day, what's done is done and gone already.  SEV3N is the event to jump start the Miami carnival season and has made it's mark, it can only get better from here.

Seeing as the Miami Broward Carnival Committee has posted their line up for the MiamiBroward Carnival already, we can see that the kiddies carnival will now and forever be on the same Saturday. I'm hoping that the time of SEV3N can be revisited as I will want to attend (and enjoy) the entire fete but my children are not only an obligation but a priority.  

All in all, my Saturday was great, I expect to repeat next year. 
As for SEV3N, I'm hoping to see a pool again and more people in it!

Next up, CinCinEntertainment's Bon Ami.  The alternate welcome to Miami fete!



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