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It's quite the coincidence that this blog be written the day of Halloween seeing that it's partly the celebration of the dead because I, the spirit of DCARNIVALBABY is writing her blog today as she in fact died on Saturday.  I don't know where she got the idea to play young knowing full well she can't manage.  Well, she made the grave mistake of attending the bus ride held by #TeamKelz to Key West for their Fantasy Fest parade and she just..........
never made it back.  There is nothing but her shell and me, her spirit left.  Her hands, ache.  Her legs, sore.  The sole of her feet, numb. Her neck, damn near broken. Head, throbbing.  Voice, gone.  Down to her fingers hurt.  How do fingers hurt? Let me backtrack. 

When DCARNIVALBABY first saw the flyer, she was excited seeing as she's never been to Key West.  Ever.  Everything was set up in two two's and all she had to do was wait for Saturday morning.
That morning was drama but she was determined.  There was who didn't want to sleep and stayed up drinking, who was nursing a hangover, those who forgot to sleep and the one who got lost.  Thank God #TeamKelz knows the crowd they were dealing with and never left at the advertised time (which was 6:30).  She pulled up with Lucky, her brother from another mother, her Dominican friend/sister Saphire and some friends.  The combination alone was mad, then to meet up with PJ an Kelz smh.

The original plan was to pack all headpieces and backpacks under the bus then catch about an hour or two nap (seeing as she is the one who forgot to sleep the night before).  *Little did she know that under the bus would have been the only place on that bus to get sleep.  Needless to say, the nap never happened because the bus was pumping by 7:30.  The music was played by PJ, Lucky was on drums and Kelz was the emcee.  Somewhere around 8:30/8:45 the bus pulled off (or so they were told) 'cause between the drinks, food and one bothered to check the time.

As the bus pulled off Simi started serving a variety of finger foods.  It was a good idea to serve the types of food they did because it helped to soak up the fruit flavored alcohol Popsicle's, the liquor being consumed and there was still a very long way to go.  Simi.....  She's a sweetheart but every single time Simi got out of her seat, she had a tray.  From about 7:30ish til the bus parked in the parking lot down in Key West, Ms Simi and her team of fat food distributors handed out:
  • Fruity Popsicle's with alcohol (I need DCARNIVALBABY to get that recipe).
  • Roast bake with buljol (saltfish mixed with tomato, onion and seasonings of choice)
  • Cheese paste sandwiches
  • Pastries from Vicky's (guava, meat,etc)
  • Chicken Peleau (Rice, stewed chicken and pigeon peas cooked down in seasonings and coconut milk) that's the best description I could give.
  • Tub of fruit (fruits soaked in everyone's drinks)
  • Home made orange/grapefruit juice
 People were supposed to eat the fruits for their nutritional value and keep the energy levels up......meanwhile they soaked them in their drinks.  The bin started off three quarters full of fruits.  Could you imagine the amount of 'nutrition' they got?
It's as if they didn't care that the ladies on the bus had carnival costumes to change into because the food kept coming and DCARNIVALBABY ain't like nothing better.  She didn't let a tray pass. As you received your second drink, your first cup was discarded and replaced with a #TeamKelz Ent souvenir cup.  Great touch for a bus ride!  DCARNIVALBABY is sentimental like that and saves everything so I know she was pleased.

Once the bus got to Key West everyone jumped off and scattered like ants.  The bus cleared out quickly which was fine, here is where DCARNIVALBABY started feeling the effects of those soaked fruits in the alcohol so she changed on her own time, in peace as she and her friends got their Jones.   Once the changing of the clothes and the normal picture taking was over, it was time to take in some scenery. At this point, DCARNIVALBABY still had her senses but she seemed to have almost lost them when she saw Santa Claus...
The parade begins at 7pm (white people time) so by 7:40 when they met the #TeamKelz truck the parade had already started. I remember her thinking that the music was low and the same some song on repeat and not understanding why.  It was when the truck actually hit the road the music turned up, DJ Back To Basics engaged the crowd and the songs started to roll out.  It was like nothing she'd seen before.  The spectators actually stayed behind their barricades while the masqueraders reveled in the road.  It got a little cramped because people who came down on buses that know the routine, didn't care about letting the masqueraders play the ass their mas on the road.  Somehow however, it worked. It wasn't overbearing and there was ample space for masquerader and vagabond alike lol.  

I will fill you in on a little secret.  Don't tell her I told you all but, she was disappointed with the way Back To Basics played which is surprising because she normally loves the set and this was the first time she was disappointed.  Imagine, she and her friends were putting on quite the show for some spectators when "Freaky Girls" started to play when all of a sudden there was talking.  Then some more talking.  Next thing you know, "Freaky Girls" finished playing.  The ladies stood up like statues waiting for the pull up but there wasn't one. They played the biggest chune for the Miami Carnival season, talked straight through it and never replayed it...WHERE DO THEY DO THAT?!  At this point, DCARNIVALBABY was done and just chipped for the remaining of the route.  When the parade was over, it was abrupt.  There was an announcement that the parade was over and we were in the middle of the road like rubbish.  The police made the sound cut completely off and were instructed to say no more.  The masqueraders and vagabond alike all looked lost.  If they weren't, they looked it.  They had to all walk back to the bus, with no direction or music.  I believe that is where I took over and DCARNIVALBABY checked out.

Once back on the bus, there came Simi again with food.  Food? People wanted to make one with the inside of their eyelids and didn't care for food but some of the greedy bandits STILL ate.  (DCARNIVALBABY included) I wouldn't name any names but some people fell asleep while eating.  Aye, that bus was vibes!!!

All in all, I believe that once #TeamKelz is having another ride next year [please God] she's there because the vibes on the bus alone is enough inspiration to go back.  As for her lifeless body, we will see when or if it revives.  One piece of advice, if you don't have the vibes or the stamina, #TeamKelz bus is not for you! For any and all things #TeamKelz, you can always log on to the TeamKelz Entertainment Website,!

Hope I did well in her absence.



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