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Bon Ami
Bon Ami
Bon Ami
What can I say about thee...

When the idea came to Cindy (the creator of this event and owner of Cin City Entertainment) to do this event, the word had been spread that Bacchanal Wednesday was cancelled, so she thought this would be a great alternative but she quickly learned how things change in a matter of moments. With Bacchanal Wednesday actually still on and 'Hurricane Matthew' lurking there were many challenges.

Signature cups were advertised to be given away upon entry until the supply last. Needless to say, I never received a cup.  I'm not too sure if they went fast or if I was just that late.  We will not 'discuss' how or why I got to the event a little past half past 1 am but I did and by that hour,  they were gone.... Poor me, I was still expecting one.  I walked through the fete literally giving people I saw drinking in them the side eye.  I know to get there earlier next year.

There were friends waiting for me in front of the venue so I had to be dropped off as the hubby parked the car.  Now, I don't know if where he parked was more crowded but from the looks of things where I was standing, it didn't seem like there were many people inside.  There was no line (which is always a plus for me) and a couple of people outside loitering.  As I approached the front door, I became confused.  The music was playing yet I didn't hear the echoing sound one would hear from the inside of an empty fete.  The ticket and wristband exchange was done quickly, I'd say less than a minute and inside I went.  Once inside, the fete was packed! Not shoulder to shoulder, sweat box, Brooklyn basement packed but comfortably packed.

The crowd was spirited.
No boring people.
Clem of The Original Army Boyz and DCARNIVALBABY
Cindy of Cin City Ent and Clem of Army Boyz
It felt like everyone was there to have a good time and free up themselves.  Drinks were priced right and not watered down like I've been experiencing lately and the vibes was just as the party was named....  A party with good friends.  Everyone knew everyone and and who didn't know you came with someone who did.  No one was leaned up on the wall waiting for the next person to dance, dancing without judgments nor a care in the world and that's how I like to party.  The absolute worst 'fete feeling' [for me] is to be in a fete and feel to dance and can't/don't because no one else is dancing because the minute you step out, everyone begins to watch like you're crazy.  It's really High School.  What else does everyone go for? Not to dance?  Thankfully there was none of that there and those are the vibes I'd like to see more at some of these parties in South Florida.

Giselle 'The Wassi One' hosted the event and the DJ's were Powerhouse, Code Red, Trini D Fyah Truck, Platinum Sounds and Eternal Vibes. Survivor Sounds was carded but I never saw him.  As I type, I've only now paid attention to the list of DJ's and I'm in awe...with the exception of Platinum Sounds, Cindy managed to not only pull off a great fete but she managed to do so with a local cast. Impressive.  Promoters, take note.

The music was nicely mixed.  One thing that grinds my gears is to hear the same music from each DJ and with the amount of them carded for the night, it would be easy to repeat a couple.  Surprisingly it didn't happen and it didn't happen because each DJ knew that if this played already, to play that or maybe even those. I won't lie to you and speak on what happened before 1:30 because I wouldn't have a clue but after that, was great.  No credit can be given to any DJ in particular because after getting there, drinks and dancing was a must and I had to make up for lost time.  I didn't pay attention to who played or when.  The one song that did play multiple times was Angela Hunte's Bon Ami.  Considering the fete is named Bon Ami, I think we could give Bon Ami (the fete) a pass.  As it was the theme of the fete, I believe it was done intentionally.  The last time that chune played, I grabbed my good friends and we danced in a circle...that is feting. That is an amazing time with true friends.  Especially as these friends came all the way from New York and Trinidad.

What few people didn't get a chance to experience closer to the end was Peter Wildfire (I guess that's how you say/spell it), Lyrical, Voice and DJ Stephens. There were performances and photo ops because none of them came on any superstar status, they came to fete with their good friends.  What "I" didn't experience was the food.  There was inclusive food.  Yes,  food included at that price!!! There was rice and peas/peleau, geera turkey and chicken catered by Sweet Hand Kathy and Sybil's Bakery provided jerk chicken, veggie lo mein and pone.  From what friends told me the food was warm as well as tasty.  I've eaten from Kathy already so that was a given and Sybil's Bakery is Jamaican owned so I know that jerk chicken was boss.  If only I could have experienced it....

This party was up against many odds and it turned out to be the success I hoped it would be. So if you want a party with a cool scene, mad vibes, no fashion parade, overly flashy clothing or 5 inch heels, Bon Ami is your best bet.  Two things I know for a fact is that 1, next year once God spare life....I'm in Bon Ami and 2, I will be there at a reasonable hour to receive my cup!




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