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I want to believe that I am the only person in South Florida who has never been to a FOAM party prior to Sunday, so I kept that bit of information to myself. It took a while for me to write this review because I had to wrap my mind around what I took part in on Sunday evening.  It was very different for me and you (my readers) know that I am a creature of habit and don't do well with change.
I never shy away from my age and for that reason alone, I've just never made it.  FOAM targets a much younger crowd that I'm used to but with me doing this whole revamp of the brand and blog, I decided to give it a try and to experience this event as a patron not a critic.

The line was long and discouraging at a first glance but it moved quickly.  Thank God.  I asked for no favors or comps.  I wanted to experience the wait.  I'm glad I did it this way, that way I was able to tell from experience that the wait wasn't long. It wasn't until I was almost inside that Itchi Baba saw me lol.


Once inside, to the far right was a foam machine and drenched people alongside it.  We slid quickly to the far left and stayed clear from it for the balance of the night. Although it didn't look like it, we were inside yet still outdoors....  Wait.  We appeared covered but somehow weren't....  It was the outside portion of Revolution Live yet partially covered so you felt like you were indoors but weren't.  Listen man, that is literally the ONLY way that I could describe it.  The set up was genius and something that you'd have to experience yourself.  It was everything I never imagined because I had a whole other setup constructed in my mind.

The crowd. It wasn't mine but there were enough familiar faces and age appropriate people for me to mix with for the night to feel comfortable.  It was mixed well.

The music was great!  From the old school to the new was played and from a variety of genre.  I even got to represent Brooklyn with the old school hip hop/rap and it was just the right amount of everything.  I don't hate but seriously dislike modern day music and who knew? I enjoyed it as it played for the little time it did.  I expected more of it but nothing was played long enough to get annoyed with it and the dj's felt it. (In my mind).

All in all, FOAM pleasantly surprised me.  It was nothing I expected and it was enough of a 'turn up' for a Sunday evening when having to work the following morning.  As a critic, I can not judge any event based on just what I'm used to or prefer and need to see it simply for what it is.  Each event on it's own merit and I'd say that FOAM was damn good.  Although the fete is named FOAM, it gives the option of getting wet (with foam) or not. That's a winner for me!



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