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I along with the majority was expecting a pace chune from the first ever collaboration between Bunji and Machel.  Then I heard "Buss Head".  I waited.  Waited because I figured that after we, the listeners/fans expressed what we've wanted and have waited for so many years, I was expecting a second chune.  I mean, it's literally been over a decade that we've been waiting.

This interview explains in detail why "Buss Head" was the exact kind of chune that was necessary for their first collaboration and why Bunji was adamant about NOT singing a power chune.  The explanation is not only deep but it's the truth.
There were many who thought upon hearing "Buss Head" that it was the wrong time.  That it was promoting violence in the height of what seemed to be a killing spree and women being the target of murders in Trinidad but that's not what it was at all.  "Buss Head" was actually what the country needed and it happened at just the right time.

I won't go into everything here, I will let you listen to the interview with these men yourselves and let you draw your own conclusion.  Enjoy!



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